Worry Oh Worry! But Why?

The past few weeks have been days & nights of researching, dreaming and worrying.

I thought today would be a good day to address Worry.  Some people worry, some people don’t.  Some worry A LOT and some worry some.

Douglas does not worry.  Rather… Douglas never lets me know he is worrying.  He’s a pretty optimistic guy.  Me, I have a family of worriers.  I’d say I’m a minor worrier.  Continue reading “Worry Oh Worry! But Why?”

I’m Frugal and Sensible… Wait! Maybe I’m not!

We have been actively looking for our boat.  Our Perfect Boat.  The boat to make our “Great Loop” dream possible.  Let me tell you it is exhausting.  And let me tell you everyone has their opinions/thoughts about the perfect boat.  And let me tell you – there are a few problems with this search.

  • Problem 1: We have a budget.
  • Problem 2: Douglas is a point of purchase / spur of the moment / spontaneous kind of shopper.  He sees it – he buys it.
  • Problem 3: I am a “I’m gonna barf” when I actually think about putting my name on a sales agreement for anything that costs a lot of money kind of shopper so – I tend to try to talk myself out of things at the last minute.

Continue reading “I’m Frugal and Sensible… Wait! Maybe I’m not!”