Playing at the Waterfalls. By Spencer

Last night we stopped at a marina that was in Quebec so everybody was french. There wasn’t anyone there when we got there but another boater told Kylie the passcode to get into the bathrooms and in the dock gate. That was lucky. The gate had big enough gaps so I could squeeze through, so it didn’t matter if we had the code. Except for the bathroom.

This morning my family and I climbed up the side of the waterfall. It was fun. I bought treats from the lady, it was kind of hard to communicate but we figured it out.

Playing at the falls. Cap de l'Aigle
Playing at the falls.
Cap de l’Aigle

By Spencer

Co-Captains Log – June 15 2016

Stardate 94058.09

Air Temp: 14C

water Temp: 60F

wind: 11km E


Depart Cap-a-L’Aigle at 2:40pm

This morning while the kids still slept Doug and I took Mini-Wheat for a walk into the little town of Cap-a-L’Aigle. What a pretty place.

Cap de L'Aigle
Cap de L’Aigle

There were a number of B&B’s but no real stores. ¬†It is very evident that the people here take pride in their gardens as they are beautiful. There is even one garden that you can buy tickets to enter. We didn’t but the whole time I thought that this would be an ideally stop for my Aunt Diane and Uncle Keith if ever they are heading to the east coast. I even photographed the perfect B&B’S for them.

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Captains Log – June 14 2016

Stardate 94055.36

air 22C
water 17C
wind 10km N
partly cloudy
pressure 100.7 kPa steady
Distance traveled 60.3 NM
Departure from St. Michel de Bellchasse marina  13:05

Well we are two weeks into our three month adventure doing the Down East Loop already!

Kylie's method for applying sunscreen!
Kylie’s method for applying sunscreen!

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Dog on the Down East Loop

When we bought our boat in the fall of 2012, we already had our fur-baby, Mini-Wheat. She had been a spontaneous decision/purchase in January 2012 and the boat was a spontaneous decision that summer. (You can read about our ‘getting a boat’ decision here)

Would we have gotten a puppy after we bought the boat and planned a trip? Probably No!

Heading to Shore
Heading to Shore

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The Big (Scary) Locks of the St Lawrence Seaway

While researching for the Down East Loop I read many things about the St Lawrence Seaway, about the locks and the bridges we would need to pass. I was a little intimidated.

The guide which the Seaway provides is quite detailed, and very specific about which signs you can pass at which coloured light and about what different flashing lights mean.

They make it clear in the document that commercial ships get priority so us ‘pleasure vessels’ could wait upwards to 4 hours. (That would be great with a dog and 3 kids onboard.) Continue reading “The Big (Scary) Locks of the St Lawrence Seaway”

Captains Log – June 13 2016

Stardate 94052.33

air 18C
water 16.1C
wind 7km N
partly cloudy to overcast
pressure 100.6 kPa steady
Distance traveled 30.5 NM

We departed Louise Bassin Marina in Quebec City at 10:30 this morning to take advantage of the tide and current. (playing the current). We passed by the waterfalls that we zip lined over yesterday. Here are a couple images from the river. Continue reading “Captains Log – June 13 2016”

Captains Log – June 12, 2016

We awoke to another cloudy, rainy day.

While I did a load (or two) of laundry, Doug worked on editing and transferring videos. Bonus, he figured out how to post the 360 videos from our Ricoh Theta S camera. So cool! Many of you may have seen some already on Facebook. Cool, right?

We are quickly discovering that just keeping up with the daily Captains Log is time consuming, so adding editing/posting video into the mix will most likely not be happening as regularly as we would like, but we’ll try to share as much as possible as I know lots of family and friends are following along. Continue reading “Captains Log – June 12, 2016”

I’m Bored!!! by Kylie

Everyone my parents talk to about this trip thinks it’s awesome, fun and exciting. Not from my perspective. I’m bored! It’s like a long car trip. There is not much to do when we are moving down the rivers.

Well, my mom thinks I could read, draw, make her anklets, colour, write a journal or take pictures but I mostly think. (And sometimes annoy Spencer)

Hiding from pictures
Hiding from pictures

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