Captains log – July 19 2016 Bouctouche to Summerside, Lobsterfest.

Stardate 94151.74

Depart Bouctouche at 9:10

Air temp: 17c

Water temp: 74.8f

Wind 12 km W

clear skies

Arrived in Summerside, PEI at 2pmScreenshot_20160722-192447

Our crossing over to PEI was a bit rolly, but with the waves coming from behind (following seas) it was not uncomfortable.  If we had we been traveling the other direction, we would have stayed put.  As the waves come up behind, they cause the boat to do a rock/shift left/ rock/ shift right type of motion.  These type of conditions requires the pilot to keep adjusting (compensating) for the rolls constantly. Continue reading “Captains log – July 19 2016 Bouctouche to Summerside, Lobsterfest.”

Co-Captains log – July 18, 2016. Escuminac to Bouctouche

Air temp: 20.5 c

Water Temp: 68.1 f

Wind: 10km W

light fog

Depart Escuminac at 8:04 am, arrived Bouctouche at 2:30Screenshot_20160722-192352

When we woke up I got the coffee ready and turned it on, then Doug and I climbed up the wharf ladder to ground level and took Mini-Wheat for a walk, and to look at the memorial sculpture on the far side of the wharf. The statue was to commemorate those lost during a 1959 hurricane which was the worst New Brunswick had experienced in 100 years.

Escuminac Memorial Continue reading “Co-Captains log – July 18, 2016. Escuminac to Bouctouche”

Co-Captains log – July 17, 2016. Shippagan to Escuminac

Air temp:  16c

Water temp:  68.9f

Wind: 6km SE

Pressure 102kp, dropping

Partly Cloudy

Depart Shippagan 7:40, arrive Escuminac 2:20Screenshot_20160722-192315

After a crazy, loud night from our marina mates, we got up a tad late but were untied and heading through Shippagan Gully by 7:40am. The guide book we are using recommends departure from Shippagan, when heading east, to be between high tide and 1 hour before low tide, to miss bad currents. Continue reading “Co-Captains log – July 17, 2016. Shippagan to Escuminac”

Co-Captains Log – July 16, 2016. Chandler, QC to Shippagan, NB

Screenshot_20160717-064924We pulled out of Chandler, QC at 8:20 am with fair winds and our crossing of the Bay of Chaleur was perfectly smooth. We had thought, hoped, that when we were in the middle of the bay we may be 100% out of the view of land but that wasn’t the case.


We left the mountainous coast of Quebec and arrived on the much flatter shores of New Brunswick.  We are in Shippagan, NB, which at first glace is a lovely town with friendly locals. Continue reading “Co-Captains Log – July 16, 2016. Chandler, QC to Shippagan, NB”

Captains Log – July 15 2016 – Mishaps on the Down East Loop Part Deux

Stardate 94140.8

Chandler, QC

And there I was, sprawled out on the ground for a second time in as many days. Starring at the marshmallowy clouds drifting across the sky with a shooting pain up my back like someone had dragged 40 grit sandpaper across it. Oh wait, that was 40 grit sand paper I just slid across…20160715_192350 Continue reading “Captains Log – July 15 2016 – Mishaps on the Down East Loop Part Deux”

Co-Captains Log – July 14, 2016. Relaxing at Chandler Marina

This morning we woke up early, had breakfast, made coffee and I returned the bathroom key to the marina office prepping for our departure.

When I got back to the boat Doug had looked at the weather and they were calling for some winds, so he decided to do a bit of video editing and to try to recover the data from his broken cell phone.

The morning quickly slipped away but we were happy to have the video of our whale encounter completed and some blog posts finished. Continue reading “Co-Captains Log – July 14, 2016. Relaxing at Chandler Marina”

Co-Captains Log – July 12, 2016. Gaspé to Anse a Beaufils

Air: 18c, rising to 28c throughout the day.

Water: 62f

Wind: 3kn SW

High Tide 8:09am

Sunny and Clear


What a beautiful morning to be on the water. We left Gaspe in a light breeze and returned to the bay.  Weird… we hardly saw any whales or water spouts going through the bay compared to yesterday’s abundance of them.  I wonder where they all are? I wonder why so many were there yesterday. I like to believe they came out yesterday just to see us.

Our trip to Anse a Beaufils was a nice smooth passage. We passed by Petite Saint Pierre which has a rock which looks like an Indian head if viewed from the correct angle. (Thanks Wayne for telling us about it) we pulled into the little bay as far as depth would allow but we couldn’t get to the angle to see the face. Continue reading “Co-Captains Log – July 12, 2016. Gaspé to Anse a Beaufils”

Co-Captains Log – July 11 2016. Whale of a Day!!!

Air Temp: 12C at 6:19 am, warmed to 28C (yippee)

Water 62.7F

Wind 11kn NW (forcast to reduce)

Pressure 101.4 kPa falling


High tide 07:21am

Time Of Departure 06:16am for a tour into the Bay of Gaspe

Today was probably one of the top 5 days in my life.*  Yes, IT WAS AWESOME.  I am very fortunate to have had lots of awesome days in my life.  You know, wedding to my sweetheart, birth of my kids, wonderful vacations and interesting adventures over the years.

But let me tell you about today.  It ranks in the top 5 too.

Doug woke me up early as the plan was to go out in our boat and explore the bay.  After our tour yesterday we had a pin dropped in the map to know where to go to look for the seals, so obviously, first stop today:  Seals.

Cutest little critters ever.
Cutest little critters ever.

We arrived at at the colony at 7am, we moved in as close as the depth would let us, about 200 ft from shore, and set the anchor.  Immediately we could see some of the curious seals waking up entering the water to head over to see us.  They started popping up around the boat, but none came very close.  They are the cutest little critters.  I love their little faces. Continue reading “Co-Captains Log – July 11 2016. Whale of a Day!!!”

Co-Captains Log – July 10 2016. Gaspe Marina, Fete du Nautisme

When we checked in to the marina last night we were told that they were hosting a Party today.  “Fete du Nautisme”.  There will be a Cruise Tour into the Bay of Gaspe, water skiing, a BBQ, sailing on little catamarans and live music.

We awoke to an overcast and raining day.

We joined the tour boat for a cruise of Gaspe which we found funny considering we had covered this same ground the day before in our own boat.  The trip took us out to the Common Seal colony on the North Shore.  They are pretty cute…and very curious.  They came out all around the boat to see what was happening onboard. Continue reading “Co-Captains Log – July 10 2016. Gaspe Marina, Fete du Nautisme”