Captains Log – July 9 2016 Riviere-au-Renard to Gaspe

Stardate 94124.38

Leg 1

air 14.2C
water 58.6F
wind 2kn E
pressure 101.6 kPa falling
mainly sunny
high tide 05:58
Time Of Departure 07:00 from Riviere-au-Renard (Fox River) heading to Gaspe – arrival 14:24 Continue reading “Captains Log – July 9 2016 Riviere-au-Renard to Gaspe”

Captains Log – July 7 2016

Stardate 94116.17

air 14.2C
water 51.4F
wind 5kn E
pressure 101.6 kPa rising
partly cloudy
low tide 04:40
Time Of Departure 05:40

distance traveled 54.2nm

The sun rises early here at 4:40! 20160707_050758I was up by 4:44 to get the coffee brewing! Time to head back onto the water today! Screenshot_20160707-153139 Continue reading “Captains Log – July 7 2016”

Captains Log – July 6 2016

Stardate 94116.17

air 13C
water 61.5F
wind 17kn E
pressure 101.3 kPa20160707_050758

It’s super windy today, so we will hang out in St. Anne-des-monts for another day. There’s an ‘Exlploremer’ mini ocean exploration centre right next to the marina. The tide will be out mid morning as well, so the kids can go check out the tide pools again. Continue reading “Captains Log – July 6 2016”

Co-Captains Log – July 5 2016

Stardate 94113.44

Air Temp: 18.3c

Water Temp: 62.7f

Wind: 9 sw


Depart Matane, QC: 7:05am

Arrive Saint Anne des Mont, QC: 1:40pm

This morning we got up early again but it was still sort of windy so we didn’t rush to untie. I cooked ham and eggs for breakfast, and took Mini for a quick walk. Then we headed out in a light drizzle and a slight wind (which by 8am had slowed to an easy 6-7 knots) Screenshot_20160706-085412

Continue reading “Co-Captains Log – July 5 2016”

Co-Captains Log – July 4 2016

Stardate 94109.33

Air Temp: 15.3c

Water Temp: 55.5f

Wind: 9kn SW

Partly cloudy

Happy Independence Day to the US Peeps!

Depart Rimouski 6amScreenshot_20160706-085544

We wanted to get an early start so we rose early and once the coffee was brewed and put into travel mugs, and the breakfast dishes stowed, we untied.

It was an uneventful passage, until the winds/waves picked up just before we arrived at Matane, QC at 12:44pm.

While planning this trip, I had read that many marinas in the east only have 15 amp service (normal house hold plug) as opposed to 30 amp service (which is a different shaped plug, it’s what we normally see at marinas).  Anticipating this, we had purchased a converter.  Matane is the first stop we have used it.  To ensure we don’t trip a breaker Doug suggests I don’t run the coffee maker and burners at the same time.  We also won’t run the heat, so I hope it doesn’t get cold tonight. Continue reading “Co-Captains Log – July 4 2016”

Home Is Where my Heart is!

On Canada Day we added a ‘Whitby, ON’ sticker to the boat, just under our boat name SpontaneoUs.

Our Boat's new home port sticker.
Our Boat’s new home port sticker.

We have owned the boat for almost 4 years but I’ve been reluctant to add a “home” port. Doing so feels like… growing roots. I don’t like roots. I joke that I must have been a gypsy in my previous life. I cringe at the idea of living in the same house for, well, forever. Continue reading “Home Is Where my Heart is!”

Wild Wind. July 1 – July 3

When the weather is poor, we stay put. So that’s what we have been up to the past couple of days. The weather is bad, so we are in the city of Rimouski, QC which turns out to be a good thing as there is lots to do here.

On Friday, July 1, we decided to check out the Musée Régional de Rimouski. 20160701_115639 Continue reading “Wild Wind. July 1 – July 3”