Captains Log – July 20 2016 – Super windy in Summerside P.E.I.

Stardate 94154.48

To judge? or not to judge? that is the question.

Spencer hiding behind the grass as the local girls touch up the paint for the season.

It was a little too windy today to be out on the water, so we hung around the sweet little town of Summerside for another day. The Lobster festival is on here this week, so lots to do around town, like walk on stilts…

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Captains Log – July 9 2016 Riviere-au-Renard to Gaspe

Stardate 94124.38

Leg 1

air 14.2C
water 58.6F
wind 2kn E
pressure 101.6 kPa falling
mainly sunny
high tide 05:58
Time Of Departure 07:00 from Riviere-au-Renard (Fox River) heading to Gaspe – arrival 14:24 Continue reading “Captains Log – July 9 2016 Riviere-au-Renard to Gaspe”

Captains Log – July 7 2016

Stardate 94116.17

air 14.2C
water 51.4F
wind 5kn E
pressure 101.6 kPa rising
partly cloudy
low tide 04:40
Time Of Departure 05:40

distance traveled 54.2nm

The sun rises early here at 4:40! 20160707_050758I was up by 4:44 to get the coffee brewing! Time to head back onto the water today! Screenshot_20160707-153139 Continue reading “Captains Log – July 7 2016”

Captains Log – July 6 2016

Stardate 94116.17

air 13C
water 61.5F
wind 17kn E
pressure 101.3 kPa20160707_050758

It’s super windy today, so we will hang out in St. Anne-des-monts for another day. There’s an ‘Exlploremer’ mini ocean exploration centre right next to the marina. The tide will be out mid morning as well, so the kids can go check out the tide pools again. Continue reading “Captains Log – July 6 2016”

Captains Fog – June 29 2016

Stardate 94096.19

air 16C
water 65.4F
wind 4km E
overcast, scattered showers, fog developed throughout the day
pressure 101kPa rising
Distance traveled 72 NM

Departed Chicoutimi YC @ 10:30

Is it groundhog day again? I’ve been waiting for Bill Murray to show up at the end of the dock one of these times. After two weeks we find ourselves heading back to Tadoussac for a fourth night. Continue reading “Captains Fog – June 29 2016”

Captains Log – June 28 2016. Saying Goodbyes…

Stardate 94093.45

Kids saying their goodbyes, and ‘How to become rich in one easy step…’


Well today was a super exciting day for me. We made the trek back to our home on the water after a week in Ontario. I was up by 6am to go for a run and then had the car packed for a 7:30 departure. Continue reading “Captains Log – June 28 2016. Saying Goodbyes…”

Captains Log – June 20 2016

Stardate 94071.77

air 32C
water 16C
wind 24km SW
partly cloudy
pressure 101 kPa steady
Distance traveled 23 NM in 4 hours

Spence and I went out for an early morning ride along the beach with the long boards today. We’ve got the GoPro mounted to his helmet for SpencerCam. It’s only 7:30 am and already 28C – a good day to be on the water.20160620_074656 Continue reading “Captains Log – June 20 2016”

Co-Captains Log – June 18, 2016

Stardate: 94066.3

Air: 13c

Water: 55.9 f

Wind: 7 km W

Clear skies

Left Tadoussac at 9:32 am

This morning after Doug and I went for a walk around the point just off the Tadoussac Marina, we checked the weather for the 20th time.  Yep, it was still calling for winds that would increase through the day, up to 15 knots by 5pm.

Doug and I on Boardwalk at Tadoussac Marina
Doug and I on Boardwalk at Tadoussac Marina

We had originally planned to cruise east to Rimouski, QC, however this trip would take us a good 8 hours and there are really no marinas between the two towns for us to stop at if the weather got too uncomfortable.

Therefore, as we prefer to error on the side of safety, we decided to do a short cruise across the river, backtracking a bit to Riviere du Loup.  Our reasoning was we intend to get Ryanna home for Grade 8 grad and all the festivities so we needed a town with things like buses, trains or rental cars. Continue reading “Co-Captains Log – June 18, 2016”