Captains Log – August 17 2016 – Niantic to Port Jefferson

Stardate 94229.66

Air Temp:  26.7c
Water Temp:  82f
Wind:  5km S
Pressure:  101.6 kPa rising
Scattered Clouds

Today was a long haul with one false start and a second late start around noon. We are heading from Niantic to Port Jefferson for a night before heading down to Manhattan tomorrow. We had a heavy westerly wind that had been blowing all night running against the tidal current. This was creating big choppy seas on the nose.IMG_9403

Around 10 am the wind in the bay had settled down substantially, so we decided to give it a go. About 7 knots into long island sound the waves were 1.5 to 2 meters so we turned around and went back where we came from. Traveling with the waves and wind wasn’t nearly as uncomfortable. If you get just the right speed, you can almost surf along with them.

When we got back to the marina, we had lunch and waited a couple more hours until the winds were forecast to diminish.

Second time out was much better! Ryanna and TL did most of the navigating once the water calmed down an hour or so in. 20160817_175834


20160817_175754During the passage there was only one ship that passed us, heading the opposite direction. IMG_9391As it approached from a distance it looked like a battle ship and TL said “Stay away from it!”IMG_9395
It ended up just being a cargo ship, but it was sitting very low in the water compared the all the others we have seen this summer.IMG_9396


The patterns in the clouds were pretty amazing throughout the day.20160817_143309






We arrived in Port Jefferson in the evening and pulled up to one of the docks to inquire about rates. It was going to be $20 per hour if we weren’t staying over, so we just went out to the bay and set anchor for the night. 20160817_195537


20160817_191923We were heading out early to NYC in the morning anyway.

Chow for now!

Author: Doug Law

A technology professional currently taking a three month sabbatical, doing the Down East Loop, aboard a 36 foot Express Cruiser, with his family.

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