Captains Log – August 19 2016 – NYC

Stardate 94235.14

air – Damn Hot!

Day 2 in NYC! Yesterday was a full day, and today was going to be another one!20160819_091327

We didn’t make it to the empire state build in time to do the tour before we had to had back for the ferry, so that’s on the roster for today, as well as central park and we have to use our tickets for the Star Wars exhibit that we bought yesterday. We are also meeting Vic Fina who TL and used to work with but haven’t seen in at least a dozen years. Vic is a through and through New Yorker. The perfect guy to get a tour from.

First stop was to take a look at a monument in the AMEX building dedicated to the employees who lost their lives on 9-11. A  beautiful tribute to their lives.20160819_092349

Some interesting mosaic eyes covered the walls of the subway – feels a little 1984ish.20160819_093738

The kids first time on a NYC subway.20160819_094354

If you are any kind of Star Wars buff, the exhibit at the Discovery centre in Time Square is worth a look. You could see all of the main characters, weapons and wardrobe.20160819_101800




20160819_104348 ‘A Lot of fun it was.’20160819_102830



we met Han Solo… he was a little standoffish.

We had planned to meet Vic around 10am. He ended up showing up at Discovery just as we were heading out. Perfect timing!

Our next stop was the Good Morning America set for a private tour where they shoot the show and the operations booth. Vic gave us a rundown on how everything worked. The kids were pretty impressed.20160819_110202











Next was a walk up to Central Park and the CP Zoo. On the walk up Vic pointed out some of the sign work he had worked on a young lad. 20160819_113945


20160819_124839  20160819_125403He walked us around the south end of the park and over to the zoo. The kids really wanted to go there because it’s where the Madagascar characters are from! Vic had been there a million times, so we said our goodbyes. Thanks for the tour Vic! Hopefully it won’t be so long before we get together next time.20160819_125634




Off we go, into Central Park Zoo.


I wonder if they will notice me if I disguise myself as a merrell shoe…
turtle, turtle


20160819_141025Walking through the zoo today I have a different perspective of how the animals may feel after a few eye opening events this summer. We have moored in fishing basins quite a bit along the way this summer. At times we almost felt like animals in a zoo, as car after car would drive by us on the pier, stop for a brief moment to look at us and then carry on. (No one ever threw a chocolate bar our way, so there must have been a ‘Do Not Feed The Animals’ sign somewhere.) I get that it allows people to see animals that they may never get a chance to see in their life times, but the conditions the animals live in at any zoo are far from ideal. Do I have an answer on how to make it better? Not at the moment. But it’s something to think about. Augmented and Virtual Reality as well as Robotics are advancing at a fast pace now. Maybe there is an alternative there. Food for thought.

Next stop Empire State Building!   20160819_155119It’s quite a hike down to the ESB, so we hopped on the city tour bus that we had bought tickets for yesterday. (the tickets printed on 72 feet of paper!)

The tickets they gave us were a mile long.
The tickets they gave us were a mile long.

We opted to do the deluxe tour to see both the 86th and the 102nd floor views. 20160819_160900












It’s great seeing all the iconic buildings first from the river, then by bus and on foot, and then finally from atop the Empire State Building. Each giving a different perspective. From the minute details in each brick to the expansive landscape of Manhattan. Observing from more than one perspective really gives life richness and texture and can also be enlightening at times.


For dinner tonight we met up with Arlene and Jayme, two other friends we had worked with in the past. They came down to the boat and met the kids and then Arlene brought us to a great little restaurant in Jayme’s neighbourhood. The food was awesome, the company was awesome! Great to catch up with old friends. Even after 12 years it felt like it was only a few weeks ago we spoke last.20160819_221315

It was a whirlwind visit to the Big Apple. We took in as much as we could in two days and it was a blast! Tomorrow, we make the big right hand turn to start heading up the Hudson River back to Ontario so the kids can start school in a couple of weeks.

Chow for now!

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A technology professional currently taking a three month sabbatical, doing the Down East Loop, aboard a 36 foot Express Cruiser, with his family.

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