Captains Log – July 20 2016 – Super windy in Summerside P.E.I.

Stardate 94154.48

To judge? or not to judge? that is the question.

Spencer hiding behind the grass as the local girls touch up the paint for the season.

It was a little too windy today to be out on the water, so we hung around the sweet little town of Summerside for another day. The Lobster festival is on here this week, so lots to do around town, like walk on stilts…


carry a tired out pooch…


have a local artist paint up a couple of pictures in less than 5 minutes each…


lock up the kids…




We took a walk past my uncles old house and saw it was for sale again, so put an offer in… Just kidding.


received some interesting advise along the way…


Now that we have been on the water more than a month and met a ton of new people. One thing we realize we should have done before leaving was print some business cards to share with people we meet along the way and also put our blog URL on the side of the boat, so people can follow along if they want to.

Today we had some time to find a local sign shop close to the marina that could cut some decals for us. It was only a ten minute walk, so Kylie, Spencer and I hiked over there while TL made lunch. Upon entering this fine establishment, I was greeted with a

‘hello’ and ‘how can I help you?’

To which I replied ‘Hi, I’d like to have a sign made if that’s possible?’

The next thing that came from her mouth was a bit of a surprise. I know I haven’t shaved in a day or two and it was quite windy on the walk to their location, so my hair was a bit tattered, but I do have a bit of grey in my hair, so I don’t think I look like a teenager anymore. So she says to me,

‘Oh, you drive one of those loud Civics around town?’

I’m thinking Huh? and then I’m thinking okay I guess I either look like one of those hot young street racer guys off Fast and Furious or some young lad that has been out having some fun and maybe did something to get her knickers in a knot. In either case at first glance she is judging me and potentially offending me without even giving a thought about what she is saying. In reality it doesn’t bother me at all because I’m used to it after 20+ years traveling for business. At the airport I’d say 50% of the time I get ‘randomly searched’ most likely because of my earrings. No big deal. But the odd time, like today it did catch me just a bit off guard.

I’m just a white guy in a white town and I’m being judged by this woman behind the counter based on some combination of attributes I have. I can only imagine what my friends with any ethnic background must deal with on a daily basis. I responded with a simple apology for her lack of information.

‘I’m sorry, I’ve unfortunately not had the opportunity to own a Honda Civic. I’m actually not even driving a car. We are traveling on our boat for the summer around Eastern Canada and U.S.’

Her facial expression was priceless. I gave her the info for the lettering I needed and chatted a bit more about what we were doing with the family. When the lettering was finished I thanked her. Maybe she will not be so quick to judge based on appearances alone next time. We can only hope.

On the way back to the boat I talked to Kylie and Spencer a bit about it and why you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover. Kylie said ‘Like that guy on the motorcycle we saw at Tim Horton’s the other day.’

When we were in Shippagan a couple of stops earlier, we hit the local Timmy’s for a drink, it was hot out and they hadn’t had an icecap since we had left Ontario. Just as we came out of the restaurant a big tattooed dude rolled up on a tricked out Harley Davidson Vrod with lots of chrome and a powder coated red frame. We complimented him on his awesome looking bike, he complimented us on our cute dog. We ended up chatting for a good fifteen to twenty minutes with him. He showed us pictures of his three Chihuahuas, told us about some of his experiences at sea when he was younger. Being trapped in Gale force winds way up near Alaska, almost not making it back and never getting on a boat again. That’s why he rides bikes now. He was the nicest guy you’d ever meet. And all it took was a compliment to start a great conversation.

some light reading before bed with my new yellow $2 glasses! Now I don’t need a flashlight!
Silver fox Marina with the sun turned off.

Tomorrow, off to Charlottetown!

Chow for now.


Author: Doug Law

A technology professional currently taking a three month sabbatical, doing the Down East Loop, aboard a 36 foot Express Cruiser, with his family.

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