Captains Log – July 27 2016 Liscombe Lodge

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words so… here’s my 11000 word essay.

Our day at Liscombe Lodge.

TL and I started our day with a run on the trails….

Tunnel under road to some of the trails.
Tunnel under road to some of the trails.


View from our run.
View from our run.

We all canoed to crooked falls, but couldn’t get very close the first trip due to the tide being out.


we were at low tide the first trip. some of us went back with kayaks later.
Mini-wheat jumping from canoe to canoe

TL and Spencer went paddle boating.

Peddle boats
Paddle boats


TL, Spencer and I went kayaking to the waterfalls at high tide. Now we could get past the bridge and to the base of the first falls. This is as far as the brackish water from the sea can go. The river below this point is also full of jellyfish and a few seals.LiscombeLodgeKayak1

The kids also played in the swimming pool for around five hours today. Kylie met a girl from Switzerland that was there on vacation. She spoke english quite well and tried to teach us a few word in her language. It was pretty entertaining!

After dinner TL and I played a deadly game of shuffle board.  She let me win.20160727_201304

There was also the giant chess board behind the shuffle board that the Kylie and Spencer used, as well as bikes we could have borrowed but we ran out of daylight. All in all a great little place to visit if you ever get the chance!

Chow for now!

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A technology professional currently taking a three month sabbatical, doing the Down East Loop, aboard a 36 foot Express Cruiser, with his family.

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