Captains Log – June 28 2016. Saying Goodbyes…

Stardate 94093.45

Kids saying their goodbyes, and ‘How to become rich in one easy step…’


Well today was a super exciting day for me. We made the trek back to our home on the water after a week in Ontario. I was up by 6am to go for a run and then had the car packed for a 7:30 departure.

It had taken us 11 hours to drive the 968km last week from Chicoutimi Qc. to Port Perry On., and we manged to stretch that to 13 hours coming back! I didn’t realize that the time zone phenomenon which causes a flight from east to west to be shorter than a flight from west to east would also apply to driving within the same time zone!20160617_144859

Actually the reason it took two hours longer was because I had the bright idea of suggesting we maybe stop and say goodbye to a couple of the kids friends on the way out of town as they were all probably up and getting ready for school and we were passing right by some of their houses anyway. This turned into us driving all over town for 90 minutes hitting as many of their friends houses as we could. You can see the video here.

It was quiet entertaining, It felt like we were part of publishers clearing house lottery, or an episode of COPS as they ran up to the door to record the shenanigans.

(see the full video on our YouTube channel here)


We finally left town by 9:05 and were on our way. Around lunch time we stopped to grab a bite at one of those rest stops that had a Swiss Chalet and A&W, so there was something for everyone. We ordered our meal.

1 Qtr Chicken dinner with fries, 2 chicken wraps with fries, 1 order of fries, 1 Mozza burger with onion rings, and 1 order of perogies for a grand total of $75! Crikey! When did food become more expensive than gold? I’m sure that same food would have cost half that two years ago. $75 at the grocery store would feed us for a couple of days at least. I guess we are buying bread and water the rest of the week.

For dinner we stopped at the side of the highway and pulled some dandelions to make a salad.

So, my advise on how to become rich in one easy step should be pretty obvious. Don’t eat at fast food joints.

Chow for now.

Author: Doug Law

A technology professional currently taking a three month sabbatical, doing the Down East Loop, aboard a 36 foot Express Cruiser, with his family.

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