Trip Home

Tuesday morning Douglas went for his run to a car rental place and came back to the marina to collect the kids and I. We had a 9.5 hr drive ahead to get Ryanna back to Port Perry for her Grade Eight Grad Trip. (We pre-promised we’d bring her back for it).

So, with the boat safe, we headed out.

Doug drove most of the way, but I took the wheel for a while when Doug was getting heavy eyed and needed a nap. Well, heavy eyed until I took the wheel of course, then like every time I drive, he becomes super aware of my driving skills, which apparently are a tad stressful to him as I don’t think he slept at all. He kept telling me to stay in my lane, announcing an upcoming merge and asking if I was falling asleep. I think he prefers my Boat Driving skills.  I like driving the boat more too. Continue reading “Trip Home”

Our Tiny House

One of the most received questions we get from people is “how will you all be able to stand each other for 3 months in such a small space?”

It’s funny because I never once had any concern with this.  I guess because I’m sort of the opposite.  I love being around people.  I go more crazy when I’m absolutely alone. So, it therefore never registered that living in 300 sqft might be a problem for anyone. Continue reading “Our Tiny House”

Cutting the Dock Lines

Today is the day.  We are houseless.  Our new home is our Fourwinns 365 Express Cruiser.
I know since I announced we were selling our house that we have been driving people crazy with our wishy-washy replies to queries of our plans when it closes but truthfully, we didn’t want to announce anything until we were doing it!  We didn’t want the universe to intervene and “F” it up. We didn’t want the negative ninnies to “poo poo” on our plan.

Continue reading “Cutting the Dock Lines”

Planning vs Spontaneous

Our Boat is named SpontaneoUs.  The name represents Doug and I and our view on doing things.  We often fly by the seat of our pants and decide to do things… well, now.  We don’t very often limit our future to a set plan.

The purchase of the boat was a pretty Spontaneous decision as I explained here. Continue reading “Planning vs Spontaneous”