Co-Captains Log – August 4-5, 2016. West Head to Yarmouth.

Air Temp: 13c

Water Temp: 58.6f

Wind: 5knots SW

Departed West Head at 6:55.

August 4, 2016

We left West Head harbour just before 7am which is great as it makes the trip feel short for the kids. It was a pretty rolly passage and I think everyone was up in the cockpit once they woke up as its better if you can see the horizon.

Lighthouse when entering into Yarmouth
Lighthouse when entering into Yarmouth

We pulled into Yarmouth and tied up just after noon. It looks like they are preping for a festival this weekend.

We went for a walk uptown to see what was around and to find a store selling hard-drives (we had a storage disk that stopped working and we are running out of photo storage space).  Doug found an electronic store on google maps so we headed there. It was a mix of electronics, (old and new) collectables, movie and game rental and other random things. Continue reading “Co-Captains Log – August 4-5, 2016. West Head to Yarmouth.”

Co-Captains Log – July 26. Canso to the Liscombe Lodge

Air temp: 16c

Water temp: 62.5f

Wind: 7knots S


Departed Canso at 7:00am in a thick fog.CansoToLiscombeLodge

Todays plan was a long passage (64.8 nm).  We were leaving Canso, Nova Scotia, which is the furthest East we will be travelling on this adventure and heading to Liscombe Lodge which is up the Liscomb River. (Yes the lodge is spelled with an ‘e’ but the river and town are not)

Where we are.
Where we are.

This is our first passage on the Atlantic Coast.  Up till now we’ve been on Lake Ontario, Bay of Quinte, the St Lawrence River, the Saganey River, the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the Northumberland Strait, but today we were in The Ocean!  Cool right? Continue reading “Co-Captains Log – July 26. Canso to the Liscombe Lodge”

Co-Captains Log – July 24, 2016. Ballentynes Cove to Arichat with an Impromptu Tour!

Air temp:  19c

Water temp:  67.1f

Wind:  7 km W

Clear sky

Depart Ballantynes Cove at 8:25 am, arrive Arichat at 6:14 pm

Have you ever had a day that you look back on and think…” Wow, the universe works in mysterious ways”?

I’ve always believed that some people are placed in our path and become part of our life for a reason. Either we need them to fill a part of our soul or to help guide us, to inspire us or to help us through a difficult time in our life. Or they need us in their life to do the same. Maybe in some cases it’s as simple as we are meant to be together: as friends, or lovers, or even parent/child. Continue reading “Co-Captains Log – July 24, 2016. Ballentynes Cove to Arichat with an Impromptu Tour!”

Captains Log – July 22, 2016. Charlottetown: A Day in Photos

This morning we decided we’d stay put.  The winds were forecast to be high and we really needed to provision a bit since we think the next few ports are small and may not have grocery stores handy.

Mini-Wheat snuggling with her friend.
Mini-Wheat snuggling with her friend.

Roger and Chris (aboard Miss Utah) had offered for us to follow them in their wake today (which would flatten out the seas) and also offered to let Kylie join them on their boat to limit the seasickness but we declined the offer… but oh how tempting. I’m afraid if we’d have let Kylie onboard their boat we might not have gotten her back. I’m sure she’d have charmed her way into living with them. Continue reading “Captains Log – July 22, 2016. Charlottetown: A Day in Photos”

Co-Captains Log – July 21, 2016. Summerside to Charlottetown

Air Temp: 14c

Water Temp:  76.2f

Wind:  9-14km W

Clear Skys

Depart Summerside at 6:36am

Arrive Charlottetown at 12:47Screenshot_20160722-192523

Here are some statistics on our Down East Loop so far.

Total days on the Loop:  44 (52 if you count the week we went home)

Total Nautical Miles (NM) Traveled:  1392.8

Side trip NM: 116

Total Loop NM:  1276.8

Remaining NM (approx):  925

Number of towns we have stopped at:  30

Continue reading “Co-Captains Log – July 21, 2016. Summerside to Charlottetown”

Co-Captains Log – July 16, 2016. Chandler, QC to Shippagan, NB

Screenshot_20160717-064924We pulled out of Chandler, QC at 8:20 am with fair winds and our crossing of the Bay of Chaleur was perfectly smooth. We had thought, hoped, that when we were in the middle of the bay we may be 100% out of the view of land but that wasn’t the case.


We left the mountainous coast of Quebec and arrived on the much flatter shores of New Brunswick.  We are in Shippagan, NB, which at first glace is a lovely town with friendly locals. Continue reading “Co-Captains Log – July 16, 2016. Chandler, QC to Shippagan, NB”

Co-Captains Log – July 11 2016. Whale of a Day!!!

Air Temp: 12C at 6:19 am, warmed to 28C (yippee)

Water 62.7F

Wind 11kn NW (forcast to reduce)

Pressure 101.4 kPa falling


High tide 07:21am

Time Of Departure 06:16am for a tour into the Bay of Gaspe

Today was probably one of the top 5 days in my life.*  Yes, IT WAS AWESOME.  I am very fortunate to have had lots of awesome days in my life.  You know, wedding to my sweetheart, birth of my kids, wonderful vacations and interesting adventures over the years.

But let me tell you about today.  It ranks in the top 5 too.

Doug woke me up early as the plan was to go out in our boat and explore the bay.  After our tour yesterday we had a pin dropped in the map to know where to go to look for the seals, so obviously, first stop today:  Seals.

Cutest little critters ever.
Cutest little critters ever.

We arrived at at the colony at 7am, we moved in as close as the depth would let us, about 200 ft from shore, and set the anchor.  Immediately we could see some of the curious seals waking up entering the water to head over to see us.  They started popping up around the boat, but none came very close.  They are the cutest little critters.  I love their little faces. Continue reading “Co-Captains Log – July 11 2016. Whale of a Day!!!”

Captains Log – July 7 2016

Stardate 94116.17

air 14.2C
water 51.4F
wind 5kn E
pressure 101.6 kPa rising
partly cloudy
low tide 04:40
Time Of Departure 05:40

distance traveled 54.2nm

The sun rises early here at 4:40! 20160707_050758I was up by 4:44 to get the coffee brewing! Time to head back onto the water today! Screenshot_20160707-153139 Continue reading “Captains Log – July 7 2016”

Captains Log – July 6 2016

Stardate 94116.17

air 13C
water 61.5F
wind 17kn E
pressure 101.3 kPa20160707_050758

It’s super windy today, so we will hang out in St. Anne-des-monts for another day. There’s an ‘Exlploremer’ mini ocean exploration centre right next to the marina. The tide will be out mid morning as well, so the kids can go check out the tide pools again. Continue reading “Captains Log – July 6 2016”

Co-Captains Log – July 5 2016

Stardate 94113.44

Air Temp: 18.3c

Water Temp: 62.7f

Wind: 9 sw


Depart Matane, QC: 7:05am

Arrive Saint Anne des Mont, QC: 1:40pm

This morning we got up early again but it was still sort of windy so we didn’t rush to untie. I cooked ham and eggs for breakfast, and took Mini for a quick walk. Then we headed out in a light drizzle and a slight wind (which by 8am had slowed to an easy 6-7 knots) Screenshot_20160706-085412

Continue reading “Co-Captains Log – July 5 2016”