Co-Captains Log – July 21, 2016. Summerside to Charlottetown

Air Temp: 14c

Water Temp:  76.2f

Wind:  9-14km W

Clear Skys

Depart Summerside at 6:36am

Arrive Charlottetown at 12:47Screenshot_20160722-192523

Here are some statistics on our Down East Loop so far.

Total days on the Loop:  44 (52 if you count the week we went home)

Total Nautical Miles (NM) Traveled:  1392.8

Side trip NM: 116

Total Loop NM:  1276.8

Remaining NM (approx):  925

Number of towns we have stopped at:  30

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Home Is Where my Heart is!

On Canada Day we added a ‘Whitby, ON’ sticker to the boat, just under our boat name SpontaneoUs.

Our Boat's new home port sticker.
Our Boat’s new home port sticker.

We have owned the boat for almost 4 years but I’ve been reluctant to add a “home” port. Doing so feels like… growing roots. I don’t like roots. I joke that I must have been a gypsy in my previous life. I cringe at the idea of living in the same house for, well, forever. Continue reading “Home Is Where my Heart is!”

Our Tiny House

One of the most received questions we get from people is “how will you all be able to stand each other for 3 months in such a small space?”

It’s funny because I never once had any concern with this.  I guess because I’m sort of the opposite.  I love being around people.  I go more crazy when I’m absolutely alone. So, it therefore never registered that living in 300 sqft might be a problem for anyone. Continue reading “Our Tiny House”

Making Sleeping Space

As I previously mentioned, our boat isn’t the typical live aboard type boat.  We don’t have actual separate cabins.  The V-Berth (bed at the front of the  boat) has a curtain to pull across, and the aft berth has a spot which could have a curtain (I need to make one) but really, what we like about our boat is the open concept.  That being said, I originally had the girls sharing the aft berth but with the arguments I’m already getting I know this is not going to be a sustainable solution.  Continue reading “Making Sleeping Space”