Captains Log – August 3, 2016. Shelburne to West Head (Cape Sable)

Stardate 94192.78

Shelburne, NS, Boats anchored in the mist this morning.
Shelburne, NS, Boats anchored in the mist this morning.

Passage: Shelburne – Round Bay – Daniel’s Head Beach – West Head
Air    16.3 -> 22C
Water    66.9F
Wind    4kn NE
Pressure  102kPa rising
Tide – High 9:42 @ 1.9m        Low 15:39 @ 0.4m
Light Fog
T.O.D.    Shelburne 6:56

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Captains Log – July 6 2016

Stardate 94116.17

air 13C
water 61.5F
wind 17kn E
pressure 101.3 kPa20160707_050758

It’s super windy today, so we will hang out in St. Anne-des-monts for another day. There’s an ‘Exlploremer’ mini ocean exploration centre right next to the marina. The tide will be out mid morning as well, so the kids can go check out the tide pools again. Continue reading “Captains Log – July 6 2016”

What I Do On The Boat. By Ryanna

Well, I do the same thing I did at my house. Not much. I’m not one to do many things in general and being on a boat isn’t gonna change that.

What I do with a lot of time is sleep. I guess I don’t sleep 24/7 so I’m gonna have to tell you what I do with the other hours of my day.

One thing I do on my spare time is read books. At the moment I don’t really have any on the go because I just finished a story and now my mom is reading it to everyone else so I need to wait for them to finish to trade it in for a new book at a marina. The book was called The Law of Nines by the way, and it was quite cool. We found an unedited version which means the author could have changed some things before the final version. Something weird that happened was after reading the book my aunt -who has never read the book- finished a drawing of ten trees… But I couldn’t figure out which one needed to be removed. [ That won’t make sense unless you read the book. >:) ] Continue reading “What I Do On The Boat. By Ryanna”

Playing at the Waterfalls. By Spencer

Last night we stopped at a marina that was in Quebec so everybody was french. There wasn’t anyone there when we got there but another boater told Kylie the passcode to get into the bathrooms and in the dock gate. That was lucky. The gate had big enough gaps so I could squeeze through, so it didn’t matter if we had the code. Except for the bathroom.

This morning my family and I climbed up the side of the waterfall. It was fun. I bought treats from the lady, it was kind of hard to communicate but we figured it out.

Playing at the falls. Cap de l'Aigle
Playing at the falls.
Cap de l’Aigle

By Spencer