Co-Captains Log – August 27 – 28, 2016. Oswego NY to Brighton, ON. Crossing our Wake.

Air Temp: 19c

Water Temp:83.6f

Wind: 7km NE

Pressure: 101.6 kPa

We departed Oswego at 9:10 am and headed into Lake Ontario. 20160827_092817

20160827_092637The waves were a bit too big to travel fast this morning so we headed out at our typical 6 knots. Continue reading “Co-Captains Log – August 27 – 28, 2016. Oswego NY to Brighton, ON. Crossing our Wake.”

Co-Captains Log – August 25, 2016. Utica to Brewerton, NY

Air 23C feels like 29C
Water 79.8F
Wind calm
pressure -99.9 kPa

Clear skies

We departed Utica at 9:10

Planned stop today is Sylvan Beach.  This is a free canal wall, right at the excitement of an old-time amusement park.  Imagine pre Canada’s Wonderland / Six Flags / Darian Lake.  One gentleman we talked to said when he was a kid the (now little) roller coaster was the second largest in New York State.  The largest was on Coney Island.

Captains note: We were lucky enough to see a tree stump farm on our way to Sylvan Beach.20160826_105002 Continue reading “Co-Captains Log – August 25, 2016. Utica to Brewerton, NY”

Co-Captains Log – August 24, 2016. Canajoharie to Utica

Air Temp:  22c
Water Temp: 78.4f
Wind: 5km W
Clear Skies
Pressure:  102.4 kPa, Steady

First thing this morning Doug and I headed to the McDonalds… to use their wifi of course.  Seeing we were there anyway we grabbed food and coffees too.

Before leaving, Doug ordered some Breakfast to take back to the kids.

There was foam floating down the river this morning again.  Weird! Still kinda gross.

Foam in the river again
Foam in the river again

Before heading out Doug checked the oil.

Checking the oil.
Checking the oil is a bit of a tight fit!

We were on our way at 9:34 and planned to go fast when the speed limit permitted to clear out the Turbos.  (The engine doesn’t like it when we have to run slow constantly) Continue reading “Co-Captains Log – August 24, 2016. Canajoharie to Utica”

Co-Captains Log – August 23, 2016. Rotterdam, NY to Canajoharie

Air Temp:  11c
Water Temp:  79.8f
Wind:  7km S
Pressure 102.5 kPa
Clear Skies

It was a brisk morning when we untied at 7:25am and headed toward Lock 10.  I had a my hoodie on with the hood up.  Luckily it warmed up throughout the morning.

Chilly morning at Rotterdam, Lock 9.
Chilly morning at Rotterdam, Lock 9.

This morning when I was driving I noticed something up ahead.  There were a couple of red markers, no problem, stay to the left of them, but it appeared to be something in the water, lots of something, left of the red markers.  I got the binoculars and looked.  Looks like Rocks!  ROCKS?  What the heck are Rocks doing in the canal?? Continue reading “Co-Captains Log – August 23, 2016. Rotterdam, NY to Canajoharie”

Co-Captains Log – Aug 22, 2016. Waterford to Lock 9 (Rotterdam, NY)

Air Temp:  24c
Water Temp: 84.3F
Wind: 15km N
Pressure: 101.2 kPa
Partly Cloudy

Departed Waterford at 12:05

This morning we hung out around the waterfront trying to catch up on our blog again, while we had some wifi.

I also walked up to the lock to purchase a 10 Day Pass to transit the NY locks up to Oswego, NY.  (for the 10 day pass, it cost $37, this includes mooring on any of the lock walls at night.  This is very inexpensive compared to our Trent Severn Waterway)

What a great little waterfront this is.  Note to anyone who finds themselves here.  I thought it was cute.  On my walk back from the lock, on the walkway along the water, they have the Erie Canal map designed into the interlocking bricks.  Plus, at one portion, I think closer to the lock, in the poured concrete, there are impressions of bare feet and horse shoes, walking side by side.

At 12:05 we were untied and headed into our first lock for the day.  Similar to traveling along the Trent Severn Waterway, the speed limits and lock timing pretty much dictates your progress in a day.

Erie Canal - Lock 2
Erie Canal – Lock 2

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Co-Captains Log – August 21, 2016. Kingston, NY to Waterford, NY

Air Temp: 30.8c (feels like 40)
Water Temp: 89.4f
Wind: calm (being on the river now wind is less of a concern)
Sunny with cloudy periods
Pressure: 101.3 kPa

Departed Kingston at 12:17

This morning we worked on blog posts seeing we had a half decent connection. We are finding the lack of good internet is really limiting our ability to get blog posts and pictures uploaded.

Rondout Basin Marina, Kingston, NY
Rondout Basin Marina, Kingston, NY




The pool opened this morning at 11:00, so prior to departing Doug ran up for one more slash!
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Co-Captains Log – August 20 2016 – NYC to Kingston NY

Stardate 94237.87

Air Temp: 23c
Water Temp: 84.3f
Wind: 7km NE
Pressure: 101.3 kPa
Scattered clouds

Departed Liberty Landing Marina, New Jersey at 5:49am

As we departed the Marina this morning, there was a mist in the air and the sun was just starting to peek above the horizon.

IMG_9722 Continue reading “Co-Captains Log – August 20 2016 – NYC to Kingston NY”

Captains Log – August 19 2016 – NYC

Stardate 94235.14

air – Damn Hot!

Day 2 in NYC! Yesterday was a full day, and today was going to be another one!20160819_091327

We didn’t make it to the empire state build in time to do the tour before we had to had back for the ferry, so that’s on the roster for today, as well as central park and we have to use our tickets for the Star Wars exhibit that we bought yesterday. We are also meeting Vic Fina who TL and used to work with but haven’t seen in at least a dozen years. Vic is a through and through New Yorker. The perfect guy to get a tour from. Continue reading “Captains Log – August 19 2016 – NYC”

Co-Captains Log – August 18, 2016. Port Jefferson to New York City

Air Temp: 23C
Water Temp: 84F
Wind: 3kn E
Skies mostly cloudy with some rain

We hauled anchor at 7:30am and started our passage to NYC. So excited.

Coming into the Eastern River, between Manhattan and Brooklyn, under the many bridges, looking at the tall tall buildings was so thrilling. Everyone was in the cockpit, we were taking pictures, pointing out weird shaped buildings, pointing out the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, the Freedom Tower and commenting on the bridges and ferries.

20160818_101016 Continue reading “Co-Captains Log – August 18, 2016. Port Jefferson to New York City”