Our Tiny House

One of the most received questions we get from people is “how will you all be able to stand each other for 3 months in such a small space?”

It’s funny because I never once had any concern with this.  I guess because I’m sort of the opposite.  I love being around people.  I go more crazy when I’m absolutely alone. So, it therefore never registered that living in 300 sqft might be a problem for anyone. Continue reading “Our Tiny House”

Captains Log – June 4 2016

Fishing, Yoga, and the Zombie apocalypse

Stardate 94027.82

weather: mainly clear – with a few light Stratus clouds

air temp: 23.6C

water temp 25C

wind speed 2kn westerly

distance traveled 49NM

average speed 6.8kn

max speed 27kn

travel time 7 hrs

I’ve always wondered why some people were so into fishing. Continue reading “Captains Log – June 4 2016”

Cutting the Dock Lines

Today is the day.  We are houseless.  Our new home is our Fourwinns 365 Express Cruiser.
I know since I announced we were selling our house that we have been driving people crazy with our wishy-washy replies to queries of our plans when it closes but truthfully, we didn’t want to announce anything until we were doing it!  We didn’t want the universe to intervene and “F” it up. We didn’t want the negative ninnies to “poo poo” on our plan.

Continue reading “Cutting the Dock Lines”

Lake Ontario Here we Come!

It has been decided, that with the logistics, money needed and time involved it looks like a smaller adventure will be more feasible for this juncture in our life.  We have decided to do the Down East Loop or the Little Loop as it is called.  Instead of a 1 year trip this smaller route, which takes you out the St Lawrence Seaway, down the coast to New York, up the Erie and back into Lake Ontario, takes just 3 months.  Doable.  No (or little) school missed, less money, less time.  Yet still an amazing adventure for the family.  Spending lots of quality time together before the kids are so old they no longer like us. Continue reading “Lake Ontario Here we Come!”