Leaving Comfortable!

Today was my last day at my very comfy, government job.  A job which offered all the perks: great pay, benefits, pension and predictable 8:30 to 4:30 hours.

I resigned.

Why would someone leave such a job?  Leave the security?  Leave the money?

I left because for all the good things this comfy job provided, it lacked flexibility in hours.  Flexibility to be available when my kids needed me.  My middle Daughter, Miss K is in French Immersion but we have recently found out she has Dyslexia so I feel I need to get her some additional help and most likely remove her from the French program.  This seems simple but by doing so she will no longer get bused to this school.  Instead of having her change schools we have decided I will drive her in.  During all of this we have also decided Mr. S will do better in the English stream so we are also going to put him in the english program.

I left because on Thanksgiving Monday – October 14th, while returning from my moms house (to pick up something to cook the turkey) I was side swiped by a car.  Sideswiped only because I swerved toward the ditch.  Otherwise it would have been a head-on collision.  How did this impact my decision to leave my comfy job?  Well, I guess it got me thinking.  OMG. I could have died!  What are we doing delaying Dreams.

My Broken Car!
My Broken Car!

Therefore, I am learning how to do Compositing.  (Think mixing Computer generated images with Real images) This is the industry Douglas has been in for many years and he has taken me on as his student.  This new job direction will give me the freedom to work from home.  To have the flexibility to take Miss K to Tutors, to drive the kids to school, to be home when they need me.

This just feels right!

And the other plus… I will have time to complete some renovation projects to get the house ready to rent or sell!


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