Co-Captains Log – Aug 22, 2016. Waterford to Lock 9 (Rotterdam, NY)

Air Temp:  24c
Water Temp: 84.3F
Wind: 15km N
Pressure: 101.2 kPa
Partly Cloudy

Departed Waterford at 12:05

This morning we hung out around the waterfront trying to catch up on our blog again, while we had some wifi.

I also walked up to the lock to purchase a 10 Day Pass to transit the NY locks up to Oswego, NY.  (for the 10 day pass, it cost $37, this includes mooring on any of the lock walls at night.  This is very inexpensive compared to our Trent Severn Waterway)

What a great little waterfront this is.  Note to anyone who finds themselves here.  I thought it was cute.  On my walk back from the lock, on the walkway along the water, they have the Erie Canal map designed into the interlocking bricks.  Plus, at one portion, I think closer to the lock, in the poured concrete, there are impressions of bare feet and horse shoes, walking side by side.

At 12:05 we were untied and headed into our first lock for the day.  Similar to traveling along the Trent Severn Waterway, the speed limits and lock timing pretty much dictates your progress in a day.

Erie Canal - Lock 2
Erie Canal – Lock 2


The Erie Canal on this stretch is actually the Mohawk River, so it meanders along through some beautiful lands.  We saw lots of Herons, both blue and white, I also spotted another Bald Eagle and some ducks.  (Again, camera card issues so we don’t have those photos)

Pretty views along the Mohawk River
Pretty views along the Mohawk River
Spencer taking some photos
Spencer taking some photos

Unlike the Trent Severn we are not seeing continuous cottages/homes along the shores of the river.  Don’t get me wrong, there are some dotted here and there, but not side by side the entire route.  Which is a good thing because whenever passing a boat (moving or docked) or a dock you are to travel at no wake speed so if there were constant cottages it would be slow going.  We weren’t traveling fast today anyway, with our average speed around 6.2knots.20160822_133329

We arrived at Lock 9 at 5:48 and since the locks close at 6pm, we tied to their wall for the night once we were through.

Unfortunately there is no power at this lock but there is a big field where Mini-Wheat got to run around for a while.

We were advised by the Lock Master that a tug was coming through sometime tonight (yes, the locks stay open 24/7 for Commercial traffic) so we would need to move ahead on the wall to ensure there was enough space for the Tug to pass us.




He also told us there was a convenience store on one side of the river and a restaurant on the other.  So, we walked over to the restaurant and enjoyed a great Italian Dinner.  Yum! Yum!

Notice sign… We arrived on a Monday. So glad they decided to open for us.

Tonight we tallied up some statistics for you.

Total Knots Traveled:  2717.1
Total Hours onboard Traveling: 402.86 hours
Total Locks Transited: 17
Total Litres of Fuel Purchased:  6072.16
Total Days on the Down East Loop:  77
Total foil balloons we saw in the water: 18 (note: I’m never buying helium balloons again)


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