Co-Captains Log – August 10, 2016. South Brooksville to Christmas Cove

Air Temp: 17.2c
WaterTemp: 65.4f
Wind: calm
Partly Cloudy

We departed our mooring at 6:04am with our first stop planned for Port Clyde, ME.

Port Clyde reportedly has a well stocked general store with a private dock we can tie to. We need groceries (the kids feel we are starving them) and we haven’t had easy access to a grocery store since Shelburne, NS.

The general store in Port Clyde wasn’t as fully stocked as I had hoped and it was expensive. Therefore we grabbed a few things for tonight and then looked around the town for a bit. It’s very touristy here and there are apparently a lot of artists in the area.

Sorry, we forgot to take pictures of the town, I think because it was starting to rain, but here are some of a car Spencer and Doug liked.




We attempted to get some wifi, without success, then were on our way to a mooring for the night.

We arrived in Christmas Cove and docked at the Coveside Restaurant and Marina. We went in to inquire about a mooring and ended up having a late lunch/early dinner.  score heading to our assigned mooring, Doug took the kayak into the mooring field it. Turned out someone else was tied to the one we were assigned so we went in to clear it up with the office.20160810_152205

Christmas Cove. Cove Side Restaurant.
Christmas Cove. Cove Side Restaurant.



We eventually got settled onto a mooring line and we were relaxing onboard, planning our next passage, updating our statistics and updating our blog when I received a message via our website from Ted.

Ted and his family are staying in a cottage on the cove and saw our boat, he Goggled our website and he had lots of questions about our trip.  Cool right?

After a few texts, we invited them to join us onboard. They didn’t have a means to get to us, so we ended up going back to the dock and they visited us there.

Thanks to Ted and his dad for the visit. Ted’s mom couldn’t imagine how 5 of us were living on our boat.20160810_152215




Since we were on the dock anyway, we went in for a dessert and then walked Mini-Wheat before bed.

Kids drawing in the dark, by flashlight!


Thanks for following.


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