Co-Captains Log – August 11, 2016. South Bristol (Christmas Cove) to Biddeford

Air Temp: 19.5c
Water Temp: 65.4f
Wind: calm

We departed Christmas Cove at 6 am after Mini-Wheat and I took the kayak to shore.

At 12:15 we stopped at Grand Beach and anchored in about 8 ft of water, about 100 feet from shore. The beach stretched miles and was beautiful. We all paddled to shore for the afternoon and enjoyed the surf, sun and sand.

Grand Beach
Grand Beach

People parasailing on Grand Beach
People parasailing on Grand Beach


Getting ready to head over to Grand Beach
Getting ready to head over to Grand Beach




At 4:30 we lifted the anchor and headed to Camp Ellis Pier (just around the corner). There was no ATM there, and the harbour master takes cash for the mooring/dockage so we had to decide whether we’d take the trolley to the nearby town, or head up River to a bigger town, get cash, and either stay up river, or return to Camp Ellis.

We weren’t really comfortable leaving the boat unattended at the pier, therefore decided to head upstream.

The river was beautiful and we really enjoyed the passage.IMG_9209



As we approached the pool at the end of the navigable portion of the river (at the base of a waterfall – dam) we weren’t sure which side of the river was Saco (the bigger town), therefore we picked the dock on the port side.



Pool at end of Saco River
Pool at end of Saco River


Doug ran to find an ATM, while the kids and I stayed on board.

Soon, a man (Sean) came out of the building to see us.

Well, it ended up we were on a dock for the boat yard. I asked if we could stay for a bit as Doug had run into town. He said yes. I talked with Sean and told him about our trip, he kindly gave me some info and ideas for the next section of our trip.  He then said we could stay at his dock or one of his moorings. Free for the night! Thank you so much! We love free!

The Docks we stayed on
The dock we stayed on is along the wall behind the moored boat you see.

A while later he brought me a cruising guide for New England down to New York. It’s old but is full of useful info.

We bbq’d steak, cooked pasta, then enjoyed a quiet dinner onboard.

After dinner we played cards, then started the generator for a while (for the air conditioner) before bed.

Thanks for following.


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