Co-Captains Log – August 14, 2016. Sandwich to Wareham… and Kylie gets a Sleepover at a Friends cottage

Air Temp: 39 c with humidity
Water Temp:  77f
Wind: 20 km W
Clear skies

Departed Sandwich at 12:14pm

This morning, after some boat work. Wifi searching and dog walking, we all headed to the Glass Museum for a 9:30am opening.

It was already hot out So we stopped for iced coffees enroute.

Walking to the Glass Museum
Walking to the Glass Museum

The Museum was very well curated, with some interactive exhibits, a glass blowing demo and a wide assortment of glassware. To keep the kids engaged, they have a scavenger hunt which ends with a prize (glass marbles). I love this, as it had the kids looking at all the interesting glass.

We thoroughly enjoyed museum. I recommend it, if you are ever in the area.20160814_094106

Glass Blowing Demonstration
Glass Blowing Demonstration

We arrived at the boat after a very hot walk back to the marina and prepped for departure. At 12:14 we untied and headed into the Cap Cod Canal. It was a pretty bouncy ride, as all of the boat wakes just bounce off the canal walls, plus there was the tidal current.20160814_114513

Transiting the Cap Cod Canal
Transiting the Cap Cod Canal

For weeks Kylie and her friend from school have been scheming to arrange a visit once we got near Boston. Her friend’s mom is from here, and they regularly visit the area. It turns out they were planning to be at the family cottage, in Cape Cod, this week. So…… Being the ever so wonderful parents we are, her friend’s mom, Doug and I arranged a meet up.

So, first stop planned today – Onset, Massachusetts at the other end of the canal.

Sand Artist on the Beach at Onset.
Sand Artist on the Beach at Onset.


We tied to the town pier at 1:30 and soon Kylie’s friend arrived to pick her up. They are off to the beach, then back to her friends cottage to party tonight. She was so happy, so excited to see her friend. I just hope this visit doesn’t make her homesick again, and grumpy about being on the boat, away from her friends.

We were permitted to tie to the pier for 1 hour, so once Kylie left, we crossed the road for ice cream, then we’re on our way.


We had planned to travel to Mattioupasti but the wind was pretty strong on our nose, and the waves were pretty uncomfortable, so we decided to pull into Wareham, Massachusetts instead. I had a number in one of my books for the town dock so before we entered the harbour I called to arrange a mooring.  Once we were at what we thought was the town pier, we hailed them on VHF. Apparently they had thought I wanted a mooring in Onset (where we had just left), so there was some temporary confusion on where to put us. It ended up, the harbour patrol came out to lead us to the mooring. While we were heading over, Doug was talking to them on VHF and they said, there isn’t a launch service here (I’d enquired at the time of my original booking).  Note:  launch service is when they come pick you up at your boat and take you to shore.

They then said they have a floating dock we can use. No power, but walking distance to town and easy to walk Mini-Wheat.

The harbour patrol led us to the dock, and we were also met there by another harbour patrol officer (whom we had spoken to in Onset) at the dock. What service.

To the locals fishing on this dock it appeared we were in some sort of trouble seeing the uniformed patrol escorted us in and was there by car as well.  Funny.

We tied up, I called US Customs and Border to report to Small Vessel Reporting, (we need to do this every time we change locations) then I let Kylie’s host know where we were so they can find us tomorrow morning.


While cooking dinner we got talking with a fisherman who was on the dock and Spencer ended up getting his fishing pole out. I’m not sure if the man (Fred) was just super nice (I think so) or if he felt sorry for Spencer for having parents that really have no interest in fishing, but he proceeded to give Spence a number of fishing lours, then taught him how to tie the lours to the line.



They then continued to fish, unsuccessfully all evening.

As we mention in a previous post, Ryanna has been drawing a lot, all of the kids have, and she is drawing pictures of characters we meet, then gives them her pic.  She made one of Fred too.

"Fishing Fred" By Ryanna
“Fishing Fred”
By Ryanna

After dinner Doug and Spencer played Bocce Ball, then frisbee.





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