Co-Captains Log – August 15, 2016. Wareham to Block Island

Air Temp:  25-30c

Water Temp:  87.9f

Wind 7kn NW

Departed Wareham, Massachusetts at 9:08am

This morning when I got up, Mini-Wheat and I went for a walk.  Then, after she wouldn’t go further then 100 feet from the boat, I put her back onboard and went into the village to get some coffee.

At 8:30am Kylie’s friend’s family came to the dock to drop her off.  She had an amazing time with them last night.


We are so thankful for their having her.  Doug gave some tours of the boat, then at 9:08 we untied and were on our way to Block Island, Rhode Island.

From what we have read, Block Island is a very popular cruising ground.  The New Harbor Moorings are normally filled by 10am but later in the day the Harbour master will begin filling the private moorings too.  So we hope we will be able to get a mooring, otherwise, we will anchor.  (Some of the things I have read state anchoring in not the best here due to poor holding and dragging.)

The island has the Old Harbor were the ferry goes and the New Harbor where there are hundreds of moorings and a few marinas too.  They call New Harbor the Great Salt Pond, as throughout the island there are hundreds of small fresh water ponds.

The weather has been perfect – hot and hot and hot.  Just the way I like it.

We pulled into New Harbor just after 4:30pm.  At the same time about 4-5 other boats had entered, obviously rushing to get in front of us.  We tuned into VHF 12 which is how you hail the Harbour Master to arrange a mooring and immediately heard him directing the new  boats who had entered the Harbor.  He as in a small boat, directing traffic and leading cruisers to their moorings.  It was an extremely well oiled machine.

By 4:55 we were tied to our mooring and getting ourselves organized for a trip to shore.  They have a launch service in the harbour (like a water taxi) so we hailed them and they came to pick us up.

Doug was starving so we grabbed some food, Spencer played a Bean Bag game, then went to the beach for the evening.





It is a pretty island with lots to do, but without a car or a dinghy it would be difficult to get everywhere.  (They rent bikes$40/day, mopeds$40/hr and cars $200/day)  If we had more time this would be a great place to spend a few days as the beaches are lovely.

When we were ready to return to the boat we went to the Launch stand and waited for the boat to return, then again, with great organization, he proceeded to drop off the various passengers at their respective boats.

We had Mini-Wheat onshore with us, therefore when we returned to the boat no need to take her to shore.  Then off to bed.


Thanks for following.

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