Co-Captains Log – August 18, 2016. Port Jefferson to New York City

Air Temp: 23C
Water Temp: 84F
Wind: 3kn E
Skies mostly cloudy with some rain

We hauled anchor at 7:30am and started our passage to NYC. So excited.

Coming into the Eastern River, between Manhattan and Brooklyn, under the many bridges, looking at the tall tall buildings was so thrilling. Everyone was in the cockpit, we were taking pictures, pointing out weird shaped buildings, pointing out the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, the Freedom Tower and commenting on the bridges and ferries.







Kylie kept asking if the bridge we were approaching was the Brooklyn Bridge. Her friends name is Brooklyn, so she wanted to get a picture of the bridge.

Brooklyn Bridge is the second one.
Brooklyn Bridge is in the background.

We went past the Statue of Liberty to see her in all of her beauty.




We had a slip booked at a new Marina in Brooklyn, right across from Manhattan, but when I received the confirmation it stated that they did not have shower facilities yet. Well, we haven’t stayed in a full Marina for a couple of days and we definitely needed showers before taking on NYC, so I cancelled there and got a slip in New Jersey at the Liberty Landing Marina instead. It is right across the river from Manhattan as well, and also has a ferry over.

We would have stayed right in Manhattan, but the Chelsea Pier charges $6 a foot, and they have no facilities either (and their docks are a bit bouncy due to ferry traffic) so it made sense to stay across the river.

Upon arriving at Liberty Landing we immediately went to the fuel dock to fill up. After we were topped up, we moved to our slip for the night. Everyone went up to shower, the dog was walked, then we were on the 1:30 ferry to Manhattan.

We went to the 9-11 Memorial, Freedom Tower and new World Trade Center location.





We got tickets for the Hop on hop off Tour Bus.

The tickets they gave us were a mile long.
The tickets they gave us were a mile long.



We went to see the Body Worlds Exhibit in Time Square.


We went to Grand Central Station




Spence found a funny police car.


The last ferry back to our marina is at 8:45.  So we grabbed pizza, subs and salad then walked/ran about 50 plus blocks back to catch it.  The beautiful skyline on the ferry back was spectacular!!




We were exhausted!!  But…. the Marina Lounge has a t.v. so Doug and the kids went in to watch some of the Olympics while I did some laundry.

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