Co-Captains Log – August 20 2016 – NYC to Kingston NY

Stardate 94237.87

Air Temp: 23c
Water Temp: 84.3f
Wind: 7km NE
Pressure: 101.3 kPa
Scattered clouds

Departed Liberty Landing Marina, New Jersey at 5:49am

As we departed the Marina this morning, there was a mist in the air and the sun was just starting to peek above the horizon.




We have decided to backtrack a bit up the Eastern River (between Manhattan and Brooklyn) then turn into the Harlem River at Hells Gate. But first stop, is another pass of the Statue of Liberty.



The harbour was completely calm as we departed. It’s Saturday Morning and the ferries haven’t started for the day, so we have the city skyline and the statue, and the Brooklyn bridge to ourselves.

Our timing couldn’t have been better as the sun coming up behind the Brooklyn Bridge and Brooklyn skyline is beautiful. Doug was at the helm, taking pictures, and I was on the foredeck also snapping away. Unfortunately, I don’t feel our pictures quite captured the spectacular sight our eyes witnessed. It was a perfect goodbye to New York.













It wasn’t long and we were on our way up the Harlem River and under many bridges.
Our speed was slow in parts due to the current, at one point a jogger on shore was matching our speed for a long stretch.






At 8:40am, we rejoined the Hudson River with a favourable tide.




Our planned rout had us stopping in Cold Springs, NY which is located just passed West Point, on the opposite shore. Unfortunately the docks were only designed to handle 30ft boats and they were exposed to the River wake, so we decided we wouldn’t stay the night here.

The Marina was however in the beautiful town of Cold Springs and we were fortunate to meet some guys at the docks who (as we were walking up the dock were googling our website and getting the scoop on us) offered the use of their truck. Aren’t people the best?

So, Doug went for a grocery run, I stayed back to watch the fenders (as wakes were causing the them to pop above the dock occasionally) and the kids went in search of ice cream.

Note: When Doug borrowed the truck the owner was comfortable with the deal, as if didn’t return, he’d get the boat. So shortly after Doug left he (and a friend) came out to check out the boat. Lol.

At 1:15pm everyone was back onboard and we untied and continued on our way.
After a long day traveling, at 3:45pm, we tied up at the Rondout Basin Marina in Kingston, NY. To our surprise they have an onsite pool, so immediately everyone was off to jump in.

Since our slip for the night is at the gas dock we can’t bbq, so Doug bought some charcoal and we used the hibachi to cook burgers.

Captains Note: I forgot how good a charcoal Hibachi smelled! We loaded up on carcinogens for the day with that meal. All in moderation they say.

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