Co-Captains Log – August 21, 2016. Kingston, NY to Waterford, NY

Air Temp: 30.8c (feels like 40)
Water Temp: 89.4f
Wind: calm (being on the river now wind is less of a concern)
Sunny with cloudy periods
Pressure: 101.3 kPa

Departed Kingston at 12:17

This morning we worked on blog posts seeing we had a half decent connection. We are finding the lack of good internet is really limiting our ability to get blog posts and pictures uploaded.

Rondout Basin Marina, Kingston, NY
Rondout Basin Marina, Kingston, NY




The pool opened this morning at 11:00, so prior to departing Doug ran up for one more slash!

There is a lighthouse just at the entrance to the river into Kingston which used to be open to the public. Unfortunately it no longer is and from driving past, it seems to be in a bit of disrepair. It’s too bad.

Traveling by water we see many buildings, factories mostly, that are abandoned and falling apart. I wish some rich person would buy them and convert them all to condos or office buildings or something. It’s a shame that waterfront property is lying in ruin.

At 2pm we arrived at a town dock in Athens, NY. We went on an ice cream search because it is hot!




Soon we were back on board heading further up river. Today we went past some beautiful homes on the banks of the Hudson.



At 5:45 we arrived at the Troy Federal Lock. While waiting for the lock to open we saw a pair of American Bald Eagles perched in the trees to our starboard side! They have a high pitched call which just doesn’t seem to suit their majestic look. 

Troy Lock 1.
Troy Lock 1.

Just past the Troy lock is the junction of the Hudson River (Champlain Canal) and the Mohawk River (Erie Canal).

We turned left into the Mohawk River and immediately on the right was the Waterford Town docks which we tied to at 6:17 pm.





Many of the towns on the New York Canals have created free dockage with available power, water and even wifi in some cases. This is to encourage boaters to stop and spend time (and money) in the towns along the waterway. Waterford is one of these towns. Unfortunately it poured rain when we arrived so we didn’t get a good look around.

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