Co-Captains Log – August 23, 2016. Rotterdam, NY to Canajoharie

Air Temp:  11c
Water Temp:  79.8f
Wind:  7km S
Pressure 102.5 kPa
Clear Skies

It was a brisk morning when we untied at 7:25am and headed toward Lock 10.  I had a my hoodie on with the hood up.  Luckily it warmed up throughout the morning.

Chilly morning at Rotterdam, Lock 9.
Chilly morning at Rotterdam, Lock 9.

This morning when I was driving I noticed something up ahead.  There were a couple of red markers, no problem, stay to the left of them, but it appeared to be something in the water, lots of something, left of the red markers.  I got the binoculars and looked.  Looks like Rocks!  ROCKS?  What the heck are Rocks doing in the canal??

“Douglas.  I think you better drive”


“Cus… Theres something in the water and I’m not sure……”

Well, he came to the helm and we were closer to the ‘rocks’ now, and it soon became apparent they were puffs of Foam.  Lots of clumps floating down the river.  Weird…  Gross!

Foam, not a rock!
Foam, not a rock!

So, we continued on our way.  Soon we started to notice a lot of logs, sticks and debris in the water which we were dodging.  Sort of like Crab Pot Slalom, we had to ensure the sticks stay out of the props.

I was at the helm.  I’ve got this.  I am taking stick slalom very seriously now, (after catching the crab pot last week) so if I have any concern that maybe a stick is too close, I pop the boat into neutral.  Just to be safe.

Well, let me tell you, popping into neutral really gets Doug to jump.

“What’s Wrong?”

“Nothing, Just making sure I don’t run over the sticks”

“Oh”  “OK, just make sure you idle down first.”

“Roger that.”

Approaching Lock 11 today was a bit of a task for Douglas.  Apparently (We found out later) the workers at the dam overnight had let out more flow then what the Lock Master prefers, which causes a rather strong current at the entrance to the lock.  Doug really had to use his expert maneuvering skills to keep us off the concrete wall.  Thank goodness we have some turbo diesels under us as I’m not certain a low powered Sailboat or Trawler would have had made it out unharmed.

The Lock Master told us he had his report papers ready as he anticipated some wall hits that morning.  (He was not pleased with the workers from the night before.)

Doug’s ever positive attitude was “No problem, I liked the practice dealing with the strong current”

At 11:32 we arrived in a town call Canajoharie.  I had read about this stop in a Blog.  The town has a free wall, with Power supplied by the Chamber of Commerce.  They ask only that you visit the local stores.  Cool Eh?





Canajoharie Waterfront Park.
Canajoharie Riverfront Park.

So we tied up and I called Customs to report our location, or rather I tried to report our location, but the Officer had no idea where I was telling him I was.  So he ended up asking what other towns I was near.  So I told him I think we had passed Amsterdam not long ago, so that is what he put down I think.

The Blog I read talked about the Museum in town and the Pot Holes.

So, first stop, the Canajoharie Museum.  (We are trying to keep the Educational Element to this trip covered).  The museum has a lot of history about the Beech Nut company which was founded here.  The founders were very true to their Canajoharie roots for generations and always kept the business local.


The museum was very interesting and had some nice art pieces as well.  My favourite piece was an ocean beach scene, not necessarily because I loved the art itself, but I loved the story.  Apparently the artist had had some negative reviews and proceeded to cut his painting into smaller paintings which are now displayed at different museums around the world.


Good lesson.  Just because someone doesn’t like your work, doesn’t mean it isn’t a masterpiece.

We grabbed lunch at, well, at another Italian eatery, where we asked our server about the Pot Holes.

Basically from the picture on the Blog I determined them to be swimming holes somewhere nearby in a river.  The server knew what I was talking about “Oh, yes, there is the Devil’s Hole and The Boiling Pots”  She gave us directions, so back to the boat for bathing suits and Mini-Wheat, then we were on our way.

WHAT A GREAT FIND!!!  They should totally be advertising this more.  We Loved it!!!!!

“Everyone – stop at Canajoharie and Play in the Boiling Pots!!!”

OK! OK! They probably don’t advertise it because there is a sign which clearly says No Swimming.  But hey, there were locals there swimming… Jumping…  So…… we did too!

Heading to the Boiling Pots.
Heading to the Boiling Pots.


Swimming in the Boiling Pots.
Swimming in the Boiling Pots.

Kylie and Dad cliff jumping






Spencer and Dad cliff jumping






After returning to the boat we walked to the Big Lots store.  Ryanna is out of Sketch Pad pages and needs a new book.  She has filled 100 pages since June 30th.  Awesome right?

Doug got out the slackline,

TL about to fall of the slackline.
TL about to fall of the slackline.
Slack lining in the park.
Slack lining in the park.

(Some locals tried it too)

and then we played frisbee.



What a wonderful stop along the Erie Canal.

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