Co-Captains Log – August 25, 2016. Utica to Brewerton, NY

Air 23C feels like 29C
Water 79.8F
Wind calm
pressure -99.9 kPa

Clear skies

We departed Utica at 9:10

Planned stop today is Sylvan Beach.  This is a free canal wall, right at the excitement of an old-time amusement park.  Imagine pre Canada’s Wonderland / Six Flags / Darian Lake.  One gentleman we talked to said when he was a kid the (now little) roller coaster was the second largest in New York State.  The largest was on Coney Island.

Captains note: We were lucky enough to see a tree stump farm on our way to Sylvan Beach.20160826_105002

We tied up at the wall at 14:19, closed up the boat because it looked like rain, then went to check it out.

We walked through the park, looking for the ticket sales booth, and seeing if there were enough rides the kids wanted to go on to be worth getting tickets / passes.  We passed a ride called the Himalayan, and the ride operator started calling us over.  Well, if we asked nicely, he’d let us ride free!  Sooooo, we asked nicely.  It was very dead at the Amusement park today, they think because the State Fair had just started.

Well, our ride was Crazy, Long, Fast and Hysterical.hellRide01

Captains note: I felt like we were in training to be astronauts! We had to be hitting 6 G’s at one point. I should have had my accelerometer tracking on my phone! I gave the guy at the gate five bucks before we got into the cars… That was the mistake. 🙂





After our wild ride, we went to see what else was there.  Bumper Boat!  So…. Doug went to get the Go-Pro and helmet so Spencer could wear it.

All into the bumper boats.  Fun.BumpBoats01



After splashing around on Bumper Boats for about 7 mins (longest ride ever) we walked further into town to grab lunch.  We walked past a restaurant called Eddies that had amazing pies in the window…so we went in.




It was a throwback to the sixties, just like the Amusement Park.

After lunch, we decided there wasn’t much more we wanted to see, so we walked along the beach, back to the boat, and soon headed on our way across Lake Oneida.20160825_171322

We arrived in Brewerton at the west end of the lake, tied to their town dock, then relaxed for the night.  No power.

thanks for following.




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