Co-Captains Log – August 26, 2016. Brewerton to Oswego

Air Temp: 17c (feels like 25c)

Water Temp: 84.3f

Wind: 17 km. S

Pressure: 101.6 kPa

Departed Brewerton at 9am.

The Mastodon of Phoenix…20160826_122205 I had read online that Winter Harbour Marina has the lowest fuel prices on the Erie Canal, so first stop today was less then a mile up the canal to fill up one last time in the USA.

The facilities at this Marina are amazing which is why so many people winter over here. There are two huge buildings to store boats in.

They have planters on the fuel dock and instead of pretty flowers, which is nice, they have cherry tomatoes, peppers and herbs planted, which is awesome. I picked a few of everything which we snacked on all day! Yum! Thanks Winter Harbour!

Diesel was priced at $2.22 per gallon, which is a great on-water price. Lately we have seen it at $2.89.

At 10:23 we were untied and on our way again. Just past lock 23 the Canal splits and one chooses to either continue on the Erie Canal to Buffalo, or head up the Oswego Canal to Lake Ontario. We are obviously heading back to Ontario, so began our transit on the Oswego.

Just prior to Lock 1, we arrived at a little town called Phoenix. They have a free town dock, with 15 amp power. They also have the Boat House Brats! These are kid volunteers who help with lines, clean boats, walk dogs, serve food at dock breakfasts or dinners and just help out. They are supervised by some adult volunteers and the whole place is delightful.

I talked with a couple of the lady volunteers who have been doing this since they began the free town dock 20 years ago. They told me the kids apply in the spring, minimum age is 8 yrs old, and they had nothing but good things to say about the kids.

Approaching Pheonix.
Approaching Pheonix.



We went for a walk, picked up some fresh produce at the local farmers market and enjoyed some ice cream.  While walking along the main street, we passed a business with a huge skull of a beast in it’s window.  Well, the sign said to come in to find out more information.  So we did.  Turns out to be a cast of a Mastodon they uncovered in Texas, and this business was Real Estate Office.  The owner had interest in that type of thing and had acquired the cast, then displayed it in his front entrance.

Then we were underway again at 1:49.

The Farmers Market
The Farmers Market
Yuck... Live Bait Vending Machine.
Yuck… Live Bait Vending Machine.

We exited the last lock in Oswego at 6 pm.  Lake Ontario straight ahead.

Lake Ontario Straight Ahead!
Lake Ontario Straight Ahead!

We tied for the night at the docks in front of the Best Western Hotel. They have power plus the use of washrooms in the hotel. (For an additional fee we could have used the pool but opted not to). We grilled dinner, discussed our planned route for tomorrow, then relaxed.

View from the boat tonight!
View from the boat tonight!

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