Co-Captains Log – August 27 – 28, 2016. Oswego NY to Brighton, ON. Crossing our Wake.

Air Temp: 19c

Water Temp:83.6f

Wind: 7km NE

Pressure: 101.6 kPa

We departed Oswego at 9:10 am and headed into Lake Ontario. 20160827_092817

20160827_092637The waves were a bit too big to travel fast this morning so we headed out at our typical 6 knots.

when we crossed the boarder line floating in the middle of lake Ontario, we swapped back to the power squadron flag.

From the centre of Lake Ontario you can barely see land. Yes, I think that’s neat!

Just after 2pm the lake had flattened out so we sped up for the remainder of the passage.

We stopped just before the Presqu’ile Bay to take pictures of the decrepit  lighthouse ruins on Scotch Bonnet Island.

Once we entered the Presqu’ile Bay we Crossed Our Wake, officially completing our Down East Loop! 20160827_160100We were here on June 1, 2016 (one day after we untied from our slip in Whitby).

We then traveled the short distance to the first swing bridge in the Murray Canal, since the mooring fee here is cheap, they have restrooms, it is sheltered and it is also a Canadian Customs and Border reporting location.

Doug went ashore, called customs, payed our mooring for the night, then we ordered pizza and hung out for the evening listening to the stock cars from the Brighton Race track.

August 28, 2016. Brighton

This morning Doug checked the weather and they were calling for some high winds and possible thunder storms so we decided to head 3 Kms to the Presqu’ile Landing Marina for easy access to Brighton.

take a dab Spence

We left the bridge wall at about 10:30, then stopped after about 5 minutes at the concrete piers at the entrance to the canal to go pick some apples on shore. 20160828_111103The apple trees we full, at the tops.  We assume lots of people pick these apples.  So, I jumped on Doug’s shoulders and started picking.

We took some pictures but when we returned to the boat the camera was saying there were no photos. Doug thinks someone must have reformatted the card, so we lost all the pictures on the Canon since August 20th (Doug will try to recover the data… Hope so!) Luckily we use many cameras.

After filling our shopping bags with apples we headed out. We called the Marina on channel 68 once we passed the lighthouse, per his request, then he proceeded to give Doug compass readings to direct us safely into the Marina. It gets pretty shallow here.

We tied up before noon, registered, then headed to town. At the driveway we spoke with a couple who’s son has a boat here and they offered to give us a lift, as it was a long way. Yay!

Captain note: Brighton has worlds shortest bowling alley

So, Into town we went. Grabbed lunch at Rosie’s, visited some shops, had ice cream then grabbed some provisions. We were going to visit the railway museum but they were closed. Doug checked the weather, as clouds were threatening rain, and there was a high chance for  thunderstorms, so we started on our walk back to the boat.

Where to next?
20 foot grasshopper!

We spent the rest of the afternoon, trying to recover pictures, writing blog posts, and relaxing in the cockpit.

Family Pic – Last day of our trip. Everyone has a bit more hair!

And we lived happily ever after…

Family Picture, Day 1 of trip
Family Picture, Day 1 of trip

Thank you for following along in our adventure!



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  1. I have been following your adventures daily. Soooo excited for you and your family. Looking forward to seeing you on dry land soon.

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