Co-Captains Log – August 9, 2016. Bar Harbor to South Brooksville

Air Temp: 11c
WaterTemp: 67.2f
Wind: 0

Departed Bar Harbour at 6:55am

We untied and were on our way back through the crab pot maze! The docks we were tied to last night were the noisiest, clangy, bangy docks I’ve ever been on. Overall, I’d never stay here again. It just didn’t seem worth the dollars, but Bar Harbor was nice and I’m glad we stopped to check it out.

Crab pots
Crab pots

Our first stop today was Southwest Harbor to get fuel and a pump out. This was our first American fill up and the price was $2.29 a gallon. Yay for American fuel prices. The pump out was free. They have strict discharge laws here (not dumping your holding tank overboard – yes, many cruisers do this. Our boat had this functionality removed before we bought it because overboard discharge is illegal in inland Canada) Most places here have pump out service available. (We hadn’t seen a pump out facility in eastern Canada for a while.)

Next door to the marina where we got fuel was a West Marine store. Since we blew about 7 days worth of dockage budget in Bar Harbor we think we better anchor or moor for a few days. It appears dockage in USA is much higher per foot then in Canada, plus the exchange rate sucks.

A Nice Wooden Boat for sale on their docks.
A Nice Wooden Boat for sale on their docks.

20160809_094700   20160809_094731

At West Marine we looked at dinghy’s and kayaks. We ended up buying an inflatable kayak. Now we have it, plus 2 stand up paddle boards. So, if Kylie and Spencer both ride the one board, we can get 4 of us comfortably to shore at once. Not perfect, but at least I have the kayak now to get Mini-Wheat to shore without getting soaked on the paddle board.

On our way to Buck's Harbor.
On our way to Buck’s Harbor.

We got back to the boat, tied the new kayak on and headed out to our final destination for the night. We arrived at Buck’s Harbor Marine at 3:15. I called upon entering the harbor to get a mooring assignment then we proceeded to the ball and for a second time we grabbed to line and secured in no time. Like pros.

Doug pulled the kayak down, I got in and Mini-Wheat promptly jumped in, without me even telling her to. So funny. I think she likes it. She doesn’t get wet like she did on the paddle board, and neither do I.20160810_190622

We’d hadn’t put the fin on the kayak so it didn’t track well, but it got us to the dock. We went to the office and payed and the owner asked if I was alone. I guess because I had called and then only I went ashore. Lol. I told him no, there were five of us and I told him about our trip.

I took Mini-Wheat for as much of a walk as she’d go (she doesn’t like it when her family pack is divided) then we went back to the boat. Kylie and Spencer kayaked and paddle boarded to a little island. Spence watched a red and green crab fight. The green one won, and the red one lost a limb. Oops, it’s a dangerous world.20160809_152152


The mooring field here is very big. Lots of boats, plus someone has moored what appears to be a floating Tiny House. Cool. It’s a cottage floating in the middle of a mooring field. Love it!

We bbq’ed then had a relaxing evening onboard.

At around 7, Kylie and I paddled to the dock to walk Mini-Wheat, and we found some ice cream treats to take back to the boat.

No dock noise tonight. Just a silent gentle rocking.

Thanks for following.


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