Co-Captains Log – July 24, 2016. Ballentynes Cove to Arichat with an Impromptu Tour!

Air temp:  19c

Water temp:  67.1f

Wind:  7 km W

Clear sky

Depart Ballantynes Cove at 8:25 am, arrive Arichat at 6:14 pm

Have you ever had a day that you look back on and think…” Wow, the universe works in mysterious ways”?

I’ve always believed that some people are placed in our path and become part of our life for a reason. Either we need them to fill a part of our soul or to help guide us, to inspire us or to help us through a difficult time in our life. Or they need us in their life to do the same. Maybe in some cases it’s as simple as we are meant to be together: as friends, or lovers, or even parent/child.

I’ve also wondered about “coincidences”. It seems that sometimes we encounter situations/ events, that make you think “well, that was strange, what are the chances we’d see that (or do hear that or do that)”

Today was one of those days.

But first I’ll begin when we awoke to the sound of people, right outside our boat. And I felt like we were moving. “Doug… I think someone’s out there”

We got dressed, went up to the cockpit and yes, yes we were moving and yes there were people there.  The fisherman who’s boat we were rafted to were here, ready to fish and it was only 5:30 am.  They had untied us and were walking us up the wharf to tie us to another fishing boat just in front of theirs.

SpontaneoUs rafting to the fishing boat at Ballentynes Cove.
SpontaneoUs rafting to the fishing boat at Ballentynes Cove.

Since we were wide awake we got Mini-Wheat and went for a walk on the beach.

Sunrise walk on the beach
Sunrise walk on the beach





Weird rusted thing found on the beach.
Weird rusted thing found on the beach.
Ballentynes Cove, a little picnic area set up on the beach.
Ballentynes Cove, a little picnic area set up on the beach.


We left the Ballantynes Harbour at 8:25 am. It was a calm day and the seas were very flat.

I love that!

I relaxed for a while on the foredeck, lying on my stomach hoping to catch some rays. (I know so 1980’s, but I can’t help it. I love the sun and warmth). Anyway, I was holding my hat ‘just so’ to ensure my face was protected from the sun (my secret to slowing signs of aging – well, that plus always wear sunglasses in photos.)

I must have dozed off. You know, when you have that moment of light sleep, but your body sort of twitches? Well, I twitched, and LET GO of my HAT! Oh, no! It’s my favourite hat. Sad face!

We stopped to play a bit after seeing a seal. The paddle boards came down and we hung out for a couple of hours swimming, paddle boarding and looking for seals. Some were pretty curious about Doug but too shy to approach him.

Stopped for a Paddle Board and visit with some seals.
Stopped for a Paddle Board and visit with some seals.

The kids got out the henna they bought a couple of days ago and created some pretty amazing body art.

We were heading thru the Canso Strait today, which has one lock to pass. It was an easy one, they don’t even get small boats to tie to the wall, we just floated.

Approaching Canso Lock.
Approaching Canso Lock.

We arrived in a beautiful little town call Arichat at 6:14 pm. Being a Sunday, no one was around to let us know if we could stay, to give us a key or to register us. Doug and I were standing around, looking for a contact or any information when a car pulled in. We assumed they had a boat here so asked for some information.

It turns out the were visiting. They live in the interior of Nova Scotia but grew up around here.

Their names were Doris and Gil and they ended up be an amazing help.

Doris’s family appears to own practically the whole town (you know how small towns are) so her aunt and uncle live right across from the Marina. She went over to get the scoop for us and shortly after a young man arrived to give us a key and register us.

Then Doris offered to drive us to the store to grab a few provision. Cool. Doug and I told the kids we were getting food and would be right back.

Well, this is where the universe had other ideas. (Or Doris had other ideas)

We got some food items from a little variety store (the grocery store wasn’t open on Sunday afternoon) then Doris wanted to show us around.

We received an amazing tour, in an amazing area! She took us out to a little village called Petite Anse which is right on the Atlantic Ocean.  While driving by a house she noticed the sign Pebble and Fern and said “oh, this is where they are, I follow them on facebook”. So, we pulled in, but it was after hours, so we pulled back out and went to the end of the street and turned around. As we were passing Pebble and Fern again, a lady was in the driveway flagging us down. She invited us in to look around.

OMG. What an amazing garden. Llachlan and her partner have created the most amazing experience …. In a natural garden that they have grown… on rock.

Doug and I with Llachlan, one of the owners of Pebble and Fern
Doug and I with Llachlan, one of the owners of Pebble and Fern


Now, a few things to note here. 1. Doug and I both forgot to bring phones, we are at this point nowhere near our boat (or our children). We have no way to advise them of our whereabouts. Shoot…I’d give them so much trouble if they were doing this.

2. Doug and I are not gardeners. At all. But we were both thrilled by this place and Llachlan was such an amazing host! She had us trying parts of vegetable plants that most gardeners discard, she was teaching us wonderful things…and our kids were missing it!!!

There is whimsical crochet items all around made by Llachlans partner.  They sell many crochet items in their market store.
There is whimsical crochet items all around made by Llachlans partner. They sell many crochet items in their market store.
View through the gate, into the garden.
View through the gate, into the garden.

Another cool thing at the garden is a “Mudd Kitchen” which is a space for kids to play, muck, mix and create. No parent “bosses” are allowed, just kids playing. I love that!!!!! Note: They have a go find me page to keep this project going, so please help them out and donate here.

One very sad thing is we had no camera to document it. Luckily Doris had her camera and she sent some pictures.  Thanks Doris.

On your at Pebble and Fern
On your at Pebble and Fern


I have no idea how long we were there (1/2 hour? 2 hours?) but we enjoyed it tremendously. I’ll let their website explain things more. Visit it here.

Through conversation, Doug discovered that Llachlan was a game engine developer. (Basically she works in a sister industry to what Doug does). What are the odds?

Was it a coincidence? Was there a reason we happened upon her gardens, off the beaten path, a place that we would never have seen if we hadn’t met Doris and accepted her offer of a ride to the store.

What are the odds we would drive past a business that Doris follows online, on a Sunday evening when it’s closed, but the owner graciously tours us around anyway, and the owner happens to work in an industry related to ours? Weird!!!! Right?

After purchasing some preserves, we headed back to the Marina with a full feeling inside. Again, it’s the people that have made this trip amazing. With all the crappy things happening the world over, it’s so nice to experience humanity in a positive light.

Thank you Doris for touring us around your lovely hometown and thanks Llachlan for showing us your beautiful gardens.

So we arrived back at the boat to Starving Children, who were starting to worry that the stranger had kidnapped us. Oops, bad parents. Sorry guys!

But at least this did start a conversation on, “well, what would you have done if we didn’t come back” and of course they would have called 911, then Nanny!!!

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