Co-Captains Log – July 26. Canso to the Liscombe Lodge

Air temp: 16c

Water temp: 62.5f

Wind: 7knots S


Departed Canso at 7:00am in a thick fog.CansoToLiscombeLodge

Todays plan was a long passage (64.8 nm).  We were leaving Canso, Nova Scotia, which is the furthest East we will be travelling on this adventure and heading to Liscombe Lodge which is up the Liscomb River. (Yes the lodge is spelled with an ‘e’ but the river and town are not)

Where we are.
Where we are.

This is our first passage on the Atlantic Coast.  Up till now we’ve been on Lake Ontario, Bay of Quinte, the St Lawrence River, the Saganey River, the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the Northumberland Strait, but today we were in The Ocean!  Cool right?

Unfortunately we couldn’t see anything while out on the ocean due to the fog!  Thick Fog.  I know the shore was only a couple of miles away, but we couldn’t see it with our eyes.  We could only see it on our chart plotter.

We actually could only ‘see’ about 75 metres ahead of us for a good chunk of the day.

So we saw things on radar long before we actually saw them.

We saw a few boats along the way.  Knotica III, passed us on their way to Liscombe Lodge.  (They were travelling significantly faster then our 6-7 knots)

Knotica III passing us.
Knotica III passing us.

We met Knotica III in Canso yesterday.  They are also on the Down East Loop, however they are doing it in chunks.  They left Ottawa last year, wintered in PEI, are going as far as Halifax this trip, will come back in August to do some southern Nova Scotia ports, then they will finish up next summer.

The ocean is different then inland water in the sense that instead of peeking waves, they are swells.  More like a field of rolling hills.  We ride up, and down, up and down.  Then every once in a while we go way up!  Depending on the wind speed and directions theses rolls can be comfortable or not.

When we are rolling a lot I can’t go below deck very much or I’ll get ill.  (Note to self: I need to get better at prepping food prior to our passages.)

Not that it mattered today that we couldn’t eat because for the most part the kids slept all day.

When Kylie woke up (I think around noon) she found the gravol and water I had layed on her bed right beside her face. She took one before getting out.

I don’t think Ryanna surfaced from her bunk until about 4 pm and Spence, well, he surfaced around 11:30, was sick, then asked to eat because he “was sick from being sooooo hungry.”

OK!?!  Food probably wouldn’t be my choice, but whatever.  I feed him, then he went back to bed.

Due to the fog, Douglas was relying on his gauge’s and unfortunately your body doesn’t like it when you fail to watch the horizon so he was sick too.

Not that we could really watch the horizon, it was too foggy.

At about 1:30 I asked Kylie if she wanted to stop early today, to get out of the swells.  I told her it would take about 1 hour to get to a nearby port, or 3.5 hrs to get to the planned destination.  I told her I promised she’d like it at Liscombe Lodge.

She chose to go to the lodge.

At around 4:45 we began our last leg of this passage up the Liscomb River.  It was flat calm, so I went below and made a snack.  Everyone ate something.

We arrived at 5:30.  Obviously Knotica III was already there.  I think they beat us by 3-4 hours (note: they also left Canso after us) but I’m 100% sure they burned more fuel ($$$) then us.

We met Chester (the Marina Master) at the dock and got settled in.

Then we immediately headed for the pool for a swim.

This dock/marina is at a resort called the Liscombe Lodge.  They have room for two boats to tie up to the dock, then a lot of space for anchoring.

They have an indoor pool, hot tubs, a rec room we haven’t even looked in yet, miles of trails, bikes, kayaks, canoes, peddle boat, a river tour, a shuttle to a nearby town, and a restaurant.  There are many guests staying in the rooms here.

Playing at the pool at Liscombe Lodge
Playing at the pool at Liscombe Lodge
Everyone's hair is getting long...not just Dad's
Everyone’s hair is getting long…not just Dad’s

After our swim we went to the restaurant for Cedar Plank Salmon.

What a gem this boaters stop is.  I’m glad we heard about it and made it one of our stop.  The kids are loving it.

Lobster Hat!!!
Lobster Hat!!!


We think we’ll stay more then one night, even if the weather tomorrow is good for a travel day.

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