Co-Captains Log – June 18, 2016

Stardate: 94066.3

Air: 13c

Water: 55.9 f

Wind: 7 km W

Clear skies

Left Tadoussac at 9:32 am

This morning after Doug and I went for a walk around the point just off the Tadoussac Marina, we checked the weather for the 20th time.  Yep, it was still calling for winds that would increase through the day, up to 15 knots by 5pm.

Doug and I on Boardwalk at Tadoussac Marina
Doug and I on Boardwalk at Tadoussac Marina

We had originally planned to cruise east to Rimouski, QC, however this trip would take us a good 8 hours and there are really no marinas between the two towns for us to stop at if the weather got too uncomfortable.

Therefore, as we prefer to error on the side of safety, we decided to do a short cruise across the river, backtracking a bit to Riviere du Loup.  Our reasoning was we intend to get Ryanna home for Grade 8 grad and all the festivities so we needed a town with things like buses, trains or rental cars.

Well, after an uneventful crossing we arrived at the marina in Riviere du Loup.  When we called them on channel 68 there was no reply. (Similarly, when I phoned them this morning from Tadoussac, there was no answer either.)

We proceeded into the basin and docked at a empty slip, then proceeded to the Marina office.  The sign said closed till Monday.  OK, weird.  No problem, we can just pay then.

On our way back to the boat after scoping out the available slips, we stopped to chat to the local Fire Fighters who were on the river training today.  We were informed by one of the fellows (who was excellent at english) that this particular Marina dries when it is low tide.  As in your boat sits on the mud… DRIES!!

AHHHHH.  That won’t do.  What should we do?

Well, the forecast still called for winds that would continue to rise, so we made the safe call, and headed back to Tadoussac.  (we quite like it there anyway)

So, a little frustrated with the predicament and annoyed that we needlessly came here, we set out for our second 20nm trek for the day.  To get past some of the unsettled water we motored fast for a while so we cut the return time down a bit which made Kylie happy as she was feeling a touch seasick.

Then it happened.  We saw them.  We SAW WHALES.

A Whale
A Whale

This made the whole useless round trip worth it.  Who cares that we wasted the time, the diesel and the money!  We saw WHALES!!!


It wasn’t like oh, honey, there’s a Whale….. way over there.  It was.  OMG, there is a whale and he literally was 5 feet from the back of the boat!  And our amazing eldest daughter caught it on video!  THANK YOU Ryanna!

Did I mention it was AMAZING!!!

It was.

After floating around for a long time, with whales all around (way over there kind of around) we headed into the bay.  Back to the dock at the Tadoussac Marina.  It is sorta starting to feel like home.

We ate dinner then went for some Gelato!  Yum.  We then searched for a spot to put the slackline, but couldn’t find anywhere suitable so ended up just hiking around the point, taking pictures and looking for critters in the tide pools!

Gelato for dessert
Gelato for dessert
The Girls
The Girls
The Boys
The Boys

Did I mention we saw a Whale today?  We did.  And I feel like a kid!  I’m soooooooooooo excited!

Thanks for following.  Good Night!


Author: Doug Law

A technology professional currently taking a three month sabbatical, doing the Down East Loop, aboard a 36 foot Express Cruiser, with his family.

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