Co-Captains Log – June 19, 2016

Stardate 94069.04

Air Temp: 14c

Water Temp: 56.3f

Wind: calm in am, forcast higher later in day

Depart Tadoussac at 7:15 am heading for Rimouski

Well, we woke up early and after we checked the weather (i.e wind) we determined we’d head out again as winds weren’t forecast to be too bad till later today.  Problem was, it wasn’t the recommended time to leave Tadoussac based on tides.  We decided that to fight the current a bit was worth it to miss the wind.

So, let’s just say the tidal impact was more then we expected.  Holy cow.  The waves went from dead calm to, 4-5 foot waves within a couple hundred feet at the mouth of the river. We bounced around for a second, or two, then decided to turn around.

On to plan ‘B’.

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, we are attempting to get Ryanna back for grade 8 grad.  Tadoussac doesn’t have much in the way of transportation.  Unless of course you want jump on a boat to join a whale watching tour.

So we decided to once again head up the Saguenay River to some more populated towns.  This plan gives us access to transportation and the river should be calm.

We passed the Madonna statue that Doug hiked to the other morning.  We got our first visit from uniformed officers.  Today it was the RCMP marine unit doing random inspections.  We pulled out all of our documents and safety gear and in no time we were off again.

Then we continued on to La Baie Ha Ha.  Unfortunately the marina there didn’t have a slip to accommodate us for 9 days, so across the bay we went to the town dock.

Just after we got settled in, we ran across the street for gelato (again).  It was the best so far!20160619_161845 20160619_160313  Then it started to thunderstorm.  Perfect timing.  We got off the water before it hit and are we glad because the visibility was awful.

The problem here is we aren’t sure how secure it is, as it isn’t a marina, it’s a town dock.  So we will decide tomorrow if we are going to go further up river, staying here, or what.

We ate dinner, then settled into a movie.

Happy Fathers Day everyone.

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