Co-Captains Log – June 29, 2016. Chicoutimi to Tadoussac.

Air Temp:  16c

Water Temp: 65.4f

Wind: 4km E

Overcast, scattered showers, fog developed throughout the day

This morning we left Chicoutimi at 10:30 (after Doug returned the Rental Car).

The seas were calm and if not for the overcast, rainy day the cruise back toward the St Lawrence would have been perfect.  Yes, the sun and I have a connection, being, I LOVE THE SUN, so when I can’t see or feel her rays, my mood is definitely affected.  My other love, Douglas, was quick to point out to me that any day on-board, regardless of the weather, is better then the sunniest day on land working.  (Funny, my brother Kevin said almost the same thing earlier in the trip.)kevintext

So, I adjusted my mood and attempted to see the beauty of the Sageunay River, in the mist, the clouds and the rain.  (Ok, there was beauty there, but I do hope my friend Sophie has a sunny day when she travels here in a month)

View from the Helm
View from the Helm

The 70+ nm we needed to cover to get back to the mouth of the river was a long day.  Kylie is struggling with sea sickness, well, sea headache.  If she tries to do anything while we are underway.  Spencer does not have this issue at all, as he can stay down below in the craziest waves and feel fine.  I am going to go out tomorrow and buy something that will hopefully help Kylie out.

We didn’t see any whales on our return, but it could have been because of all the fog, they may have been hiding from us.  We arrived back in Tadoussac at 8:30pm.  So it was a long day.  Our slip was quite rolly, so after dinner, Kylie (still feeling cruddy) went to shore to have a shower and hopefully feel better.  No time for a movie or a story tonight, so it’s off to bed.

We are beginning to feel like we are STUCK in Tadoussac.  We arrived here the first time on June 15.  Second time June 17.  After leaving on June 18, we had to again return for a third time, and now, returning last night, they have been graced with our presence 4 times.  Good job we like it here, as there could definitely be worse places to get stuck!

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