Home Sweet Home. For the winter anyway.

Well, we made it to Whitby Harbour. We ran fast for a while to give the Turbos a good clear out. Until it became foggy at least… and Wow did it get Foggy!  We ended up using radar most of way.

Foggy on Lake Ontario

We like the Whitby Marina.  It is clean and the staff is lovely.  We are happy with our choice for our winter stay.

As I mentioned at the beginning of our Trent Severn Waterway adventure, our thinking for moving the boat to Lake Ontario is to be at a good starting point to do the Little Loop (Down East Loop) starting in June 2015.  The problem is we enjoyed our trip this summer so much now we are thinking we really want to do the year long Great Loop.  Only time will tell I guess.  Per the name of our boat we are pretty spontaneous, so I guess we’ll just do what works.

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