Plan? What plan?

YAY!  We are almost Homeless!!  I know, weird thing to be excited about right?  But we are.

The House Sold!!  It closes May 31, 2016.  At which point we will be without house.  Yippee.

What does this mean for us?  Well… it means we need to get our act together and pack up with some sense of organization as we will be putting our things into storage for a while.

I know, that is not really what answer you were looking for.  You want to know what we are planning after the house sells right?  What are we doing?  Where are we going?

Well.  We are spontaneous.  Ok, maybe we’re a little bit more Indecisive then Spontaneous.   We feel like we are still flip flopping on our plans.  Things keep changing, so our plans keep changing.  Therefore we don’t want to announce anything too early.

Lets just say we are living on the boat for the summer.

Are we excited?  YOU BET!!!

We are in a very unique situation right now.  We are both working freelance for the first time.  So we do not have full time jobs holding us to one location.

This has Pros and Cons.  The pro is obviously that we are free to leave and do a trip.  We do not need vacation time or leaves of absences.  The con is obviously we do not have steady (or guaranteed) income. If we knew for certain we would be able to maintain some consistent projects throughout a long trip it would be a no brainer, but we can’t guarantee that.

Seeing we did not win a lottery recently (we did try) and we are not independently wealthy we need to take our finances and our savings into consideration when we decide what type/length of trip we take.   We also have to decide where we want to be once summer ends and it’s too cold for the boat.  As I mentioned in a previous post we are interested in going small for our next home, living a more minimalist life which in itself is a whole other adventure.

So, as I said.  We are thinking of LOTS of options right now.

But… we know for sure we are moving onto the boat for the summer.


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