Planning vs Spontaneous

Our Boat is named SpontaneoUs.  The name represents Doug and I and our view on doing things.  We often fly by the seat of our pants and decide to do things… well, now.  We don’t very often limit our future to a set plan.

The purchase of the boat was a pretty Spontaneous decision as I explained here.

Since purchasing the boat we have flip flopped on a almost monthly bases regarding our plans.  Not very Spontaneous after all is it?  We talk about doing the Great Loop trip (which will take a year) or a shorter Down East Loop (which will take 3 months) or even selling everything, buying a sailboat and living permanently in the Caribbean.

Obviously being parents of relatively young kids, we need to take their needs into consideration.  As well as my aging parents, our finances and future retirement. (read: we don’t want to blow our retirement too quick or we may end up hungry at 75 yrs old)

So… Where are we right now?  We don’t really know.  It is driving people crazy because we have the house listed for sale but no concrete plans when it sells.  Here are some of our options.

  1. If it sells and closes by September 15, 2015, we can feasibly make it to Chicago by boat and begin the Great Loop.  This is our hope as doing the full loop would be cool.
  2. If it sells after Septemeber 15 but before October 15, we can head down to New York via the Erie Canal and go south on the Inter-coastal Waterway (ICW) to Florida then the Bahamas.  Yay still winter in South, but miss half of the loop.
  3. If it doesn’t sell.  Well, we will remain on land.  Not the end of the world but not nearly as fun as living on a boat.

So here’s to the house selling fast.

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