Riding the Big Chute

This morning we left Port Severn early so we could get dock space at The Big Chute Marine Railway to wait for my parents who came to visit and ride over the Big Chute. We stopped for a quick swim (clean-up) enroute in Gloucester Pool, while admiring cottages.

Mom and Dad brought my niece with them so the girls were thrilled to have someone new to hang with.  At around 10:30 we were onboard ready to head over the railway.   Because we were heading further down the Trent Severn Waterway TSW, they didn’t want Dad’s car left in Big Chute, so Dad got off the boat on the other side and drove to meet us in Severn Falls. Mom and my niece continued on for a little cruise. We stopped for a quick swim midway but didn’t have time to pull the paddle boards down to really play.

The kids are getting into a good playing mode. It’s terrible how obsessed with technology they already are at such young age. Although the fact that the cabin outlets don’t work unless we are on shore power or generator drives me nuts and I want Doug to get a couple that will work from solar power, I am happy for this fact as it is forcing the kids to play REAL games. Ms K and Mr S spent hours today playing with Bionicles and Barbies.

We are trying to trouble shoot a water problem.  On two or three occasions, an area in Miss R’s berth has been flooded. Okay, maybe flooded is a bit extreme, “no” there is no risk of sinking, but really, really wet. It appears the water is coming from the under the cupboard in her area.  So it’s either from above, which would be the helm, or from the galley, under the sink. It happened on Sunday, I noticed the water after we got to Hope Island, and it happened again sometime this morning before we met my parents.

So, this evening Doug pulled out the galley drawer cabinet to gain access to see in where the water pump and hoses are. No water or evidence of water there. While it was opened up we ran all scenarios we could think of.  Running water in all sinks, head (toilet) and waiting for water to flow out.  Nothing.  Next I poured a bucket of water on the floor in the helm area which is directly above Miss R’s berth.  Nothing. Doug re-sealed the window on that side of the boat which the seal was looking sad, and we poured water over the deck near the window. Nothing. So we can’t figure it out. Hoping it was just from that window so the problem is fixed. If not, I guess we’ll find out as I assume if there is still a problem we’ll, well Miss R will have a wet room again.

The weather is turning to rain. I can feel it coming. We wanted to move past the Couchiching lock but I didn’t really want to spend the night at Gamebridge. The wind is getting strong so Simcoe could be rough. We decided to spend tonight in Port of Orillia. I hate spending money on it but it sure is nice to have showers and shore power.

We watched Matrix 3 and ordered pizza 🙂

Hoping weather tomorrow clears so we can continue past the big lakes back into the protection of the TSW.


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