Spring Splash

Holy Cow.  Time flies.  It is Spring.  The boat is in the water.  We are busy getting ready for my brothers wedding, and busy getting the house ready to sell.  We have been flip flopping between the Great Loop or the Little Loop.  Guess closing of the house will be the final determining factor. 

I have worked on a couple of work projects this spring.  One problem with our boat is housing 5 people.  The bedding situation is a messy one.  Both Miss K and Mr S have beds in the main salon, therefore with their blankets and pillows it tends to be messy.  I don’t like it.  So I decided to sew some pillow cases which I will fold their blankets into.  So cute.

image(1) image photo(17)

My next project was to ask my Dad’s friend to build me a cockpit table.  We eat all meals in the cockpit to keep the mess out of the galley/salon, and the table we had didn’t really fit us all property.  So, Doug drew a template for a better shaped table.

Once the table was made I finished it with Marine varnish.  Wow. That stuff sucks.  It hardened too fast and any left in the can got a hard skim layer even though I sealed it tight between coats.  And bugs kept getting stuck in it once applied, so yes, my beautiful table has fly legs embedded in it.  But, it sure is pretty!


finished table on board
finished table on board

We are now looking forward to finishing the reno projects on our house and getting it on the market.  Plus we get to enjoy a wedding.

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