Still on Land

In my last post, which yes, I realize was a L.O.N.G time ago I talked about how we were pretty indecisive about our plans and playing it by ear regarding whether or not our house sold.  Well.  It didn’t sell.  So we are still on land.  No Boat Trip this year!!! 

I feel like our plans keep getting delayed.  We have talked about doing a trip for 3 years now and I’ve wanted to sell for a long time.  We finally got our renovations completed so we could sell the house and it didn’t sell, so now We feel bummed.  I’ve been thinking a lot about why I want to move, why I want to go on the boat trip and what’s going on in the world lately.  I have written about some of these thoughts on my other blog at which is about my desire to live a more Mindful life.  A Minimalist life.

As I said we are Bummed that the house didn’t sell, but as many friends have pointed out maybe the Universe is telling us now wasn’t the right time.  So, in November we will take the house off the market till spring.  Continue with our land life for a spell.  Then come spring we will revisit our options:

  1. Full Great Loop (1 year – Leave mid July 2016)
  2. Down East Loop (3 months – leave June 2016)
  3. 1/2 Great Loop (ICW down to Florida/Bahamas – 6-9months -leave fall 2016)
  4. Move to a new house – get full time work, no boat trips.

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