Captains Log – July 27 2016 Liscombe Lodge

Stardate 94173.63

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so… here’s my 11000 word essay.

Our day at Liscombe Lodge.

TL and I started our day with a run on the trails….

Tunnel under road to some of the trails.
Tunnel under road to some of the trails.

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Captains Log – June 5 2016

Stardate 94030.12

weather: heavy rain in morning, clearing in afternoon

air temp: 18C

water temp 19C

wind speed 15kn Southerly

distance traveled 4NM

average speed 6.8kn

max speed 7kn

We had a decent buffet dinner at the Kingston YC last night to celebrate the opening of the sailing season. They had live entertainment as well. This morning we awoke to heavy rain and high winds, (another perfect day on the boat!,) so we just hung out at the YC until the rain died off and then we did a quick tour of Murney Tower which is one of the forts along the shoreline. Continue reading “Captains Log – June 5 2016”