Co-Captains Log – July 26. Canso to the Liscombe Lodge

Air temp: 16c

Water temp: 62.5f

Wind: 7knots S


Departed Canso at 7:00am in a thick fog.CansoToLiscombeLodge

Todays plan was a long passage (64.8 nm).  We were leaving Canso, Nova Scotia, which is the furthest East we will be travelling on this adventure and heading to Liscombe Lodge which is up the Liscomb River. (Yes the lodge is spelled with an ‘e’ but the river and town are not)

Where we are.
Where we are.

This is our first passage on the Atlantic Coast.  Up till now we’ve been on Lake Ontario, Bay of Quinte, the St Lawrence River, the Saganey River, the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the Northumberland Strait, but today we were in The Ocean!  Cool right? Continue reading “Co-Captains Log – July 26. Canso to the Liscombe Lodge”