The Perfect Storm…

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Weather has SUCKED.  Raining. Stormy.  We stayed in Orillia a couple of days to wait out the weather and do some boat repairs.  Yes, we solved the water in Miss R’s berth.  The drip tray for air conditioner was overflowing due to a plugged drain line. Easy fix with an air compressor.

Riding out the storm
Storm in Orillia

After completing the work projects and watching the weather in Orillia yesterday, we decided to head out early before the winds picked up.  I guess we didn’t leave early enough, or I guess the wind never died, as once we got out to Simcoe we enjoyed (endured) a BuMpY ride.

Riding out the Storm
Riding out the Storm

Once we exited Lake Simcoe and got into the protection of the Trent, it was much better!  Our first lock was Gamebridge and my cousin’s son works there so I had a lovely chat with him.

We had a cold, wet ride all day long.  We stopped for the night in Fenelon Falls, which is one of 2 locks on the system with shore power. I shopped a bit there, I got some pants and water shoes, as I was FREEZING.

Doug didn’t think BBQing in the rain seemed like fun, so we went out for dinner. Then we rented a movie.

Thursday, August 14, 2014
Seeing the weather was still raining we didn’t leave very early. Once we got moving we only went one lock and spent the night in Bobcaygeon.  It was a great night to be there as they have Music in the Park and a kids performer came on stage first then a band played for a couple of hours. The rain held out and it was lovely to enjoy the live music while sitting in the cockpit having dinner.

Friday, August 15, 2014

The weather was still raining, but we wanted to move along a bit so we moved onto Lakefield.  What a beautiful destination, at least by boat. The mooring is quiet and private.  We were walking distance to a McDonalds so Doug was able to get his ice coffee fix.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

We left Lakefield and went the 15km and 7 locks to Peterborough.  I had made reservations at the Peterborough Marina so we could have shore power, showers and Internet. Every Saturday night (and Wednesday night) in Peterborough there is Musicfest. We enjoyed the sounds of Hotel California, an Eagles tribute band.

Sunday, August 17, 2014
Today we moved further along the TSW. The sun finally came out. The rain stopped.  Finally. After moving out of Peterborough the TSW becomes very deserted. Hardly any homes/cottages on parts of the canal. It is very pretty and peaceful.

We picked up speed to clean out the turbos while crossing Rice Lake and arrived for the night in Hastings. We got ice cream and rented a movie.


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