You have a BOO BOO? I can help.

This weekend Douglas and I completed our Standard First Aid Course.   Luckily, we both passed and are now fully certified so we can deal with minor injuries.  Funny thing Doug stubbed his toe about 4 hours after our course completed so he got to implement some of his new training immediately.

Then, Sunday afternoon Miss K stubbed her toe on the new BBQ mount, which Doug made, and had a bit of a ‘bleeder’ that I had to bandage.  While we were on the swim platform, taking care of her wound, she declared, while looking at the mount, “look Mom, I found my skin” and proceeded to hold it up.  Yuk.  Here’s to hoping stubbed toes remain our typical Boo Boo on board.

We hail from Southern Ontario and we are currently experiencing a Major heat wave.  Which I love.  Bring on the Hot, humid weather.  Thank you Mother Nature.  Needless to say, once we collected Miss R from a sleepover on Sunday morning we hi-tailed it out onto the lake.

We spent the afternoon out on Lake Simcoe.  The girls practiced snorkeling and we all had fun on the Stand-up Paddle Boards.  The water was surprisingly warm.

We had our First Guest.

As you may remember from previous posts, my Dad is not supportive of our plans.  I guess I shouldn’t say he’s not supportive, he’s just not happy about that idea.  So to catch everyone up on how I have dealt with that situation, I am taking the ‘Don’t Talk about it around my Dad’ approach.  It seems to be working so far.  I don’t tell, he doesn’t ask.

So a few weeks ago, Dad indicated that he’d like to come see the boat.  No, I hadn’t invited Mom and Dad up yet this year. Don’t judge. I did a couple of times last fall when we got the boat but I suppose he was still too angry with the idea that he was ‘too busy’ each time I offered.  Therefore, to my surprise, yesterday afternoon when we returned to the slip, my parents were there.  They came aboard, and checked everything out.

Because it was late afternoon on a School Night, we didn’t stay long, but Dad did say he’d like to come up again and go out on the lake with us.  Is this progress?  Maybe.  But I still didn’t say anything about the trip to him.  Maybe it would just be easier to tell him once we head out for our trip.

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