Who are We?

We are a family of five, plus a dog, who decided to take an extended trip on our boat to disconnect from the rat race for a little bit.   We are currently cruising the Down East Loop.

Doug:  He’s an optimistic, fun loving, adventurous, introvert who believes that “things will always work out.”  Piloting a 20 ft ski boat for 10 years prior to upgrading to SpontaneoUS, a 36.5 ft Fourwinns Express Cruiser, he has the confidence to safely navigate his family “anywhere”.  Daddy spends his day making the un-imaginable come to life as a Visual Effects Supervisor.

Tara-Lynne (TL):  She’s an animated, extrovert who loves spending time with friends and family, meeting new people and exploring and experiencing new things.  Her greatest contribution to the world to date are her three wonderful kids, and her greatest hope is to provide them with the foundation to succeed in life by becoming likable, functioning adults.  She recently left her position as a Civil Servant in Municipal Government to pursue training and work as a Compositor working alongside Daddy.  Beginning this new career opens the possibilities and ability to work anywhere in the world.

The Kids:

Ryanna –  She is an artsy, musically talented, kid who loves school, is quick to learn new things and is super kind to every person she meets.  She loves to read and enjoys her quiet time alone.

Kylie – She is a fun loving kid who loves playing with her friends, creating new games and her favourite part of school is definitely the socializing.  She loves animals and wants to own a zoo.

Spencer – He’s the rapscallion.  He has a knack for numbers and doesn’t like school.  If given a choice he’d rather be home playing with his toys then out doing things.  He enjoys driving  “anything with wheels” and loves playing with his sisters.

Mini-Wheat:  She’s our Maltese-Poodle.  Born November 2011, she is the happiest with us.  Whether it’s on land or at sea, as long as she has her family, she is Happy.