Lake Ontario Here we Come!

It has been decided, that with the logistics, money needed and time involved it looks like a smaller adventure will be more feasible for this juncture in our life.  We have decided to do the Down East Loop or the Little Loop as it is called.  Instead of a 1 year trip this smaller route, which takes you out the St Lawrence Seaway, down the coast to New York, up the Erie and back into Lake Ontario, takes just 3 months.  Doable.  No (or little) school missed, less money, less time.  Yet still an amazing adventure for the family.  Spending lots of quality time together before the kids are so old they no longer like us. Continue reading “Lake Ontario Here we Come!”

Making Sleeping Space

As I previously mentioned, our boat isn’t the typical live aboard type boat.  We don’t have actual separate cabins.  The V-Berth (bed at the front of the  boat) has a curtain to pull across, and the aft berth has a spot which could have a curtain (I need to make one) but really, what we like about our boat is the open concept.  That being said, I originally had the girls sharing the aft berth but with the arguments I’m already getting I know this is not going to be a sustainable solution.  Continue reading “Making Sleeping Space”

Summer is Almost Over… we are still here.

I can’t believe September is over.  The boat will be winterized soon.

As you can see our ducks didn’t get into a row and we did not leave the dock to follow the sun to begin our Great Loop.  We don’t really have a reason, excuse.  Life is just busy and happening.  I guess that is why all the sailing blogs I read advise to just cut the dock lines and go.  Don’t plan too much or you will never leave.  We have enjoyed our summer here on Lake Simcoe but to be honest, its a huge lake and I’m not in love.  The surf is big on a windy day and that just isn’t a fun time to float around the lake at anchor and we don’t love it in a marina slip. Continue reading “Summer is Almost Over… we are still here.”

We have a Name: SpontaneoUs

This weekend we had a re-naming ceremony for the boat.  When we bought the boat her previous name had already been removed so really we just commenced with the naming ceremony.    I found the ceremony online so we proceeded to make champagne offerings to the gods.  My parents, big brother and his kids and little brother and his girlfriend joined us for the festivities! Continue reading “We have a Name: SpontaneoUs”

You have a BOO BOO? I can help.

This weekend Douglas and I completed our Standard First Aid Course.   Luckily, we both passed and are now fully certified so we can deal with minor injuries.  Funny thing Doug stubbed his toe about 4 hours after our course completed so he got to implement some of his new training immediately.

Continue reading “You have a BOO BOO? I can help.”

Bye Bye Georgian Bay

We have spent the past two weekends here on Georgian Bay getting to know the boat and her systems.  It is BEAUTIFUL in this area!  I can’t believe I have never spent time here when we live so close.  But… close is not close enough.  The 2 hour drive is too much to get to the boat so we have decided to move down the Trent Severn and take a slip at Crates Marine in Lagoon City. Continue reading “Bye Bye Georgian Bay”

We Bought a Boat!!

Holy Cow!!!  I can’t believe it!  We now own a boat.

We bought a 1993 Fourwinns 365 Express Cruiser.  She may be almost 20 years old but she feels so modern.

She has twin diesel Cumming engines.  She has one head (Bathroom) cus I felt two on a little boat was just weird.  She has a light and open feel and enough room to sleep us all.

She doesn’t have lots of private space, but hey we all like each other so this doesn’t seem like a big deal.  At least not now.  Maybe it will once we are living 24/7 with each other for a few months.  I’ll keep you posted.

I’ll try to get some pictures to post so you can see out new “floating” home!


Worry Oh Worry! But Why?

The past few weeks have been days & nights of researching, dreaming and worrying.

I thought today would be a good day to address Worry.  Some people worry, some people don’t.  Some worry A LOT and some worry some.

Douglas does not worry.  Rather… Douglas never lets me know he is worrying.  He’s a pretty optimistic guy.  Me, I have a family of worriers.  I’d say I’m a minor worrier.  Continue reading “Worry Oh Worry! But Why?”